Photos From The Weekend

I hate when I get this post up late, but we were out late (watching the Steelers lose) and it’s been a busy day! I am going to keep the words short and sweet because it’s still a busy day.

I’ve mentioned it before, but Grissom is THE copycat. Look up copycat in dictionary and his picture is next to it. Well I posted a photo on Friday of Kitta Marie on the mantle, and look what I saw a few hours later! BUSTED!

Saturday was a pretty dreary day so after a trip to the gym I did homework for most of the morning. I breezed through last semester, and honestly didn’t put much effort into my classes. This semester is an entirely different story. It is kicking my arse. So I studied and Griss helped.

Later in the afternoon we headed to a local bar, The Abbaye. The Abbaye is easily becoming one of our new favorite bars. The atmosphere is great, they have excellent beer on tap, a good happy hour, and a great menu. But we weren’t there just for drinks, Eric decided to compete in a Vegan Wing Bowl!

Vegan Wing Bowl at The Abbaye

It was hosted by The Abbaye and put on by the Philly Roller Girls. It was $20 to enter and you got wings, beer, beer glass, and a t-shirt. Not a bad deal at all.

Vegan Wing Bowl at The Abbaye

I opted out of competing and was Eric personal cheerleader.

Vegan Wing Bowl at The Abbaye

I had high hopes of Eric doing well because this boy can eat.

Vegan Wing Bowl at The Abbaye

Sadly Eric didn’t win, but he did take an unofficial third place! I will say he was probably the most casual eater there, and the only one who didn’t look like they were going to puke when it was finished.

He thinks that if he hadn’t of drank any beer before it started he would have done a lot better. But he still sat down and finished his bowl of wings like a champ!

Vegan Wing Bowl at The Abbaye

We spent the rest of Saturday in a food coma and just lounged around the house.

And woke up to SUNSHINE Sunday morning! Winter time skews your entire perception of temperature and we were so excited for the 40 degree weather!

We loaded up the car with our bikes and headed out to Valley Forge to ride. We even met up with Ben and Jaimie, who Eric is on a bike team with..

Valley Forge was packed with people enjoying the nice weather.

Riding at Valley Forge

Riding at Valley Forge

There was still a lot of snow out there, but all the paths were clear.

Riding at Valley Forge

It’s also really hilly, which sort of killed me and made me feel so out of shape.

Riding at Valley Forge

Riding at Valley Forge

I asked Eric if we could buy this house.

Riding at Valley Forge

Riding at Valley Forge

The ride was going really well, then we got a series of flats.

Riding at Valley Forge

Riding at Valley Forge

But it was still nice to get outside and exercise. I’ve been such a gym rat the past few weeks.

Riding at Valley Forge

Riding at Valley Forge

We stayed out in the suburbs for the game then made our way back to the city late last night.
I’m definitely feeling those hills today. Feels like I did a thousand lunges.


11 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. I love the abbaye! We go there all the time, but I totally blanked out that vegan wing bowl was happening. We missed their recent anniversary party, too (it was around the time of kitty surgery/recovery). Did they have different types of veggie wings or was it just one flavor (since it’s about chowing down, not tasting?).

    ugh, I haven’t ridden my bike since November or early December, I think. Gonna be a tough ride next time I get on the bike! šŸ˜¦

  2. You are always up to something so exciting!
    Too bad about the flats though šŸ˜¦ But it’s so cool that you can even ride around in the winter!

  3. Yeah, I’m loving this weather! Can’t wait for a really nice day and a long ride. I was flying on my commute today, just getting ready for it! That trail looks really cool.

    • You can take the Schuykill River Trail by the Art Museum all the way up to Valley Forge. When it gets nicer out Eric and I were talking about doing a ride there and back on our fixies. I’ll let you know and maybe we can plan a big bike day!

  4. Just dropping in for a comment on the hills in VFP– don’t feel bad about it. I recall one day last spring, I was in pretty decent shape and in decent practice and they STILL killed me. They can not be taken lightly!

  5. oo, that valley forge places looks like a good biking spot.

    also, congrats eric. tearin’ shit uppppp.

  6. That’s hilarious- love the faux wing bowl šŸ˜‰

  7. you have such fun photos! looks like a great weekend. I enjoyed stopping in

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