Does Not Belong

Kitta Marie

There is one thing up there that DOES NOT belong on the mantle. I caught her in the act the other day. She gets up there and stands reeaally still like a statue.

Thanks everyone for all your suggestions on our upcoming trip! I will make sure to keep ya’ll updated on our details. And if you have any more suggestions, please let me know.
I am looking for the best fries in Belgium, and if anyone knows where I can score a vegan Belgium waffle. Oh, and if there is any specific beer you want me to drink in your honor. I can definitely do that.


10 responses to “Does Not Belong

  1. hahahah, I LOVE this picture! Your trip is going to be awesome! I can probably feed the kitties for at least part of it if you need me to!

    • I really only need someone to come over once to feed them, so I might talk to you about this! I am going to check with our upstairs neighbors first!

  2. Ooo Kitta dat looks like fun! That skellie looks like it wants to be pawed. I like to do the statue in front of the tv when my parents are watching it!


  3. This is ADORABLE!!! Too funny.

  4. Looks like she belongs there to me.

  5. duuuuuuude, you have a blog! I’ve missed you since I quit LJ. stoked to hear about your trip to Belgium.

    • Ha I am glad you have found me! I’ve been stalking you, but you are pretty easy to stalk (and I get SUPER excited when I see your name at the bookstores!).

  6. cats are so weird! our cats are always trying to jump on top of our vintage secretary bookshelf, and it freaks me out every time. they KNOW they aren’t supposed to be there, but they just HAVE to. 😛

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