We’re Going on a Trip!

For a really long time Eric and I have been trying to go on a big trip. But we kept pushing the idea aside mainly because it can be hard to take time off of work and no matter how cheap you try to keep a big trip, it’s still going to cost some moolah.

A few months ago we got more serious and starting stalking plane tickets to various destinations, mainly in Europe. We checked our schedules and decided on a week. We skipped the Christmas presents to save money. And then finally last weekend we booked our plane tickets!

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As you can, we booked tickets to Brussels, Belgium!

Our tentative plans are to fly into Brussels, spend some days there. Maybe take a day trip Ghent (and maybe see Melisser!). We are then going to take the train to Paris and spend a few days there before traveling back to Brussels to fly home. This will be my first time in Belgium and my fifth time in Paris, but this is Eric’s first trip to Europe!

We only have about four weeks to plan everything, so things have been busy around here. I’ve been making lists of places to stay, food to eat and sights to see. I’ve downloaded a few French podcasts and have been brushing up my skills.

If any friends have some suggestions for things to do, mainly in Belgium, we are all ears!

Also, if any super awesome friends want to come feed my cats while I am away, I will reward you with awesome European presents. I’m serious.


14 responses to “We’re Going on a Trip!

  1. If you have an extra day or two, Luxembourg is pretty neat, too. There’s an incredible photography exhibit called The Family of Man in the northern part of the country, and some great sightseeing and museums in the south – and since the country’s only, like, 60 miles long, you can do it all really easily! (And really, how many people can say that they’ve been to Luxembourg?)

  2. I agree with abby! Luxembourg is really beautiful, too! It’s an easy day trip from Brussells.

    You should look at Brugges, too! It’s GORGEOUS!

    I really loved Belgium… especially the waffles from street vendors. 🙂 Really. 🙂 I trust you will really enjoy the beer selection.

    Don’t forget to pay a visit to Mannekin Pis… hopefully he’ll be wearing a costume!

    • Ha I was going to bug you about some suggestions since you mentioned on facebook you had been.
      And I completely forgot about Mannekin Pis! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Woohoo congrats on booking that trip! You guys are going to have a blast- I can’t wait to live it through you!

  4. Congrats on your trip!! That is super cool. My boyfriend & I have actually been trying to plan the same sort of thing for awhile, but it keeps getting pushed aside because of money & time & all that jazz. 😉 I can’t wait to read about your adventures abroad!

    I agree with Abby – Luxembourg is great. 🙂 But everything you have planned already sounds amazing.

    • Thank you! And I know what you mean! Finally I just said the trip has to happen. We really lucked out with plane tickets, they were super cheap! And direct from Philly which is awesome.

  5. Brugge is wonderful and you should definitely check it out if you have the opportunity. In Brussels, definitely check out Delirium Cafe- the most wonderful bar.

  6. Cool! Like Eric, I’ve never been to Europe, either. A couple of my friends rode bikes through the Netherlands, Belgium and France for a few weeks last year. They are meat eaters, but said they really missed veggies which were few and far between! They ate a lot of bread and cheese– but I don’t think they went to markets or anything, just restaurants and bars. 😛

  7. So awesome! I haven’t been to Europe yet either and I told my husband that I need to be there in 2012…just in case the world dies. haha

  8. Oh my goodness! I’m so excited for you! We’re actually headed over there in June, so I cannot WAIT to see your recap of the trip. I’m a fellow beer feind!

    Supposedly, there’s a beer in Brugge that’s only sold in one bar, and there’s a limit of 2 per person. 2! The bar is called Staminee de Garre and I’m totally checking that place out.

    Have so much fun! Eric will totally get hooked on Europe 🙂

  9. best of fries goes international? i’ll start planning my international research trip soon.

  10. That’s awesome, Lauren! I am going to Europe at the same time but will be on the opposite end, in Turkey. I’ve never been to Belgium but others have mentioned Brugge – so maybe you should rent that movie “In Bruges”…although the movie is strange/violent/hilarious, I’ve wanted to go to Brugge ever since. Oh, you could also go visit the “ugliest city in Europe,” Charleroi…they give tours. Have fun!

    • YOU’RE ALIVE!!! I haven’t heard from you in months! I’m sad you will be on the total opposite side of Europe. I haven’t heard of that movie but will definitely check it out!

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