Photos From The Weekend

This weekend was slightly busier than the past few! It was nice to finally get out of the house some.

We stayed in Friday night and enjoyed this new brew and played some scrabble. The life of old people.

And we woke up early Saturday morning and headed to New Jersey! Eric has been on the hunt for winter boots so we went to the Cherry Hill Mall to try to find some. No such luck though.
Everytime we leave the city we try to do as much surburbia stuff as possible. This field trip included lunch at On the Border! Eric and I used to eat at On the Border all the time in Lubbock. I guess because it’s fairly vegan friendly for being a chain.

Chips and salsa were consumed.

And we ordered a copious amount of food! We always order a bunch of sides then make our fajitas, it’s the best.

Then we headed to Flying Fish for a brewery tour. Eric and I have enjoyed their beers since moving to Philly but never knew the brewery was just across the river.

The tour was fun and the best part is they give unlimited samples of the beer ;-).

We made one last stop before heading back to the city, we went to Wegman’s! It’s a grocery store but I had never been to one. I definitely made an impulse buy or two.

Saturday was Vegan Pizza Day so naturally we went to Blackbird to celebrate.


Eric decided to NOT celebrate Pizza Day and he got a Tofu Cubano instead.

We headed to a friend’s party later in the night and danced it up till the wee hours.

Since the snowfall last week the roads have kind of sucked to ride on so Eric and I have been walking a lot. We wanted to take advantage of the warmer weather and get outside on Sunday. We had a few errands to run and just walked all around. I put in our route when we got home and we walked a little over 4.5 miles today. Pretty awesome!

While we were out we stopped by Le Pain Quotidien for an early dinner. I’ve been looking forward to it opening for the longest time and was really excited to finally eat there. (on a side note, Mom, you would LOVE this place)

I ordered the red quinoa salad and was just what I needed.

Eric ordered the Mediterranean plate, and I ate my fair share of the hummus.

And because I know everyone is curious, the cats thoroughly enjoyed the warmer weather today as well. They spent their day sunbathing, trying to get ready for the Jersey shore.


13 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. i wish we were getting a wegmans instead of a pathmark in our ‘hood! i remember going into a wegman’s the first time (in syracuse in ’02) and just thinking, omg this place is insane. i had never seen so many different kinds of soy/almond/rice milks before. šŸ˜› i dislike their faux town square w/ clock tower design of the store exteriors, though. they seem really hung up on that patterned-for-suburbia look (as opposed to fitting into another design or existing building).

    • That would be awesome if Wegman’s was coming instead of Pathmark. Wegman’s reminded me of the grocery store in my hometown, I love stores that have a mix of random organic/healthy/vegetarian/vegan/etc. but also all the other random things you need to buy!
      I also loved that all their namebrand products were marked with V, or GF. It made it easy!

  2. You will love the Jokerz bar; I’m not sure I know anyone who wouldn’t.

  3. Your weekends always sound so fun!! I wish we had such cool places to eat at! Or a brewery…

  4. I didn’t know OTB was vegan friendly — good to know! They have a sauce that comes with the shrimp fajitas — see if you can get it on the side sometime — it’s really tasty! I don’t know what it’s called or how to describe it — it’s kind a green chimichurri sauce… I don’t know, but it’s good!

    The pictures of food are making me hungry! You kill me.

    And I love the winking cat. It’s a little ridiculous. In a good way.

    • Oh thanks for sauce tip! I will have to check it out.

      Most of their vegetarian items are vegan if you leave off the cheese, which is pretty easy with most meals. I’ve also heard of them having some sort of secret vegetarian menu, but I’ve always been too scared to ask!

  5. Sometimes I go to Jersey just for Wegmans! We had them at home in Scranton, and I’m always lamenting the poor supermarket selection in Philly. I always go there to stock up on baking supplies. So much cheaper, and their store brand chocolate chips are naturally vegan!

    Also, I’ve been craving the tofu cubano ever since I had a bite of my boyfriend’s two months ago. I might go get one today. Your weekend was so much more fun than mine!

    • I couldn’t find their chocolate chips, I will have to check next time I go. I have a feeling we will be making a lot of trips to Wegman’s now that I have had a “taste.”

  6. Jersey Shore was awesome. Grenade whistle? Yessss.

  7. Yayyyy wegmans! My favorite place! We had one at penn state and I have been hooked ever since šŸ™‚

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