Snow Day!

I woke up all sorts of giddy yesterday morning to find out my classes for the day were canceled. My day got even better when I found out Eric didn’t have to go to work either! Despite living together, I still get really excited when we get to hang out with each other. Lame I know, but he’s just so much fun! 🙂

I immediately went outside to ‘assess the situation’ and was pleased to see a nice snowfall.

But after that we got down to business. Pancake business!

We spent a few hours watching tv/shoveling snow then decided to get out and explore. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many people outside.

Then we headed to The Abbaye for some food and drinks.

The Abbaye

The Abbaye

I got an order of fries, doused in sriracha.

The Abbaye

And Eric got the hot wings.

The Abbaye

He said the hot wings were awesome, and some of the best wings he had had, but here are two things to note:
The sauce on the side of the wings is NOT vegan. It’s some sort of blue cheese.
The wings are about $9. That’s REALLY expensive for 6 wings.

After refueling we continued out walk in the neighborhood. And I came across these birds. Anyone else big fans of Portlandia? Anyone know of the “Birds” sketch? If so, this will make total sense. If not, then I am sorry and you are missing out on the best new show on television.


“Just put a bird on it!”


We walked over to the new One Shot.

One Shot

And we walked out with a treat.

Cookie from One Shot


Cookie from One Shot

We ended our tour of NoLibs with a trip to The Foodery.

The Foodery

Then had this with our dinner. It was a burly beer and certainly a Jewbalation. Obviously for Eric’s Jewiness.


6 responses to “Snow Day!

  1. pamela chesnutt

    looks like it twas a great day

  2. Did they just open a Foodery in NoLibs? I had a bad habit of stopping at the one on Spruce from my walk home.

  3. looks like a super day!
    I totally know what you mean–even though I live with my boyfriend, I looove spending time with him when I am supposed to be at school 🙂

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