Photos From The Weekend

This post is going to be boring, just like my weekend! I was sick with a cold, and it was freeeeezing, and I actually only left the house twice.

The weekend started off really awesome though. I received a letter that I made honor roll this past semester! Even if it’s just pre-reqs at a community college, I was still pretty excited to get good grades. Straight A’s!

honor roll!

And on an even better note I received the best package ever from my best friend Rachel!

package from rachel!

She sent all sorts of kinds of goodies. There was chocolate and chapstick.

package from rachel!

And BBQ sauce and TOPO CHICO! 🙂
It’s no secret that I am in love with topo.

package from rachel!

Eric was doing ‘man’ stuff Saturday but was kind enough to swing by a new vegan restaurant to pick up some goodies. I can’t really speak of the place since I have yet to go, but he went by Nick’s Vegan which is in the Brewerytown neighborhood of Philly (I think it’s called Brewerytown?).

It’s really great how vegan friendly Philly is becoming! I know it will never be NYC (and it shouldn’t) but there are options popping up left and right!

I had already eaten so Eric grabbed a dessert bar for me. It was delicious! Kind of like a mix between a brownie and a cookie.

And Eric had the Seitan Philly Cheesesteak.

We will definitely be returning soon.

As I mentioned, it’s been so cold! The cats have been following around the sunspots and sunbathing during the day.


Let’s all pretend it’s 80 degrees and sunny, not 20 degrees and windy.


On another note, I’ve been keeping up with my cookbook challenge (sort of). I’ve been trying to make new things a few times a week. I made pizza with potatoes, tempeh and arugula last night. Kind of similar to the awesome pizza at Karyn’s on Green.

And I made a blueberry dressing from The Conscious Cook. I’ve been in a salad slump and I think some new dressings might help (or just warmer weather).

I hope others had a great weekend and actually got out of the house more! I need to figure out some cold weather activities (besides going to the bar to drink). I think I want to host a game night soon!


7 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. HAI Grissom! Laying in the sun is a cat party!

  2. Sheesh, I feel like a terrible Philadelphian – seriously, I’ve been here my whole life AND I’ve been a vegetarian (though not a vegan) for 20 years, and I’ve never heard of most of the restaurants you write about. I’m adding Nick’s Vegan to the list!

  3. yea, i’ve passed by that place so many times since it’s a few blocks from me. From the outside and its location it just looked like another crappy fried chicken type place. Chris and I are going to check it out. Thanks for the heads up

  4. Feel better soon Lauren!! My apartment is ALL SHADE all the time, its quite sad (and cold).

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