Some Eats

I’ve been wanting to eliminate gluten and sugar from my diet to see if those are the culprits to some skin issue I have been having. Easier said than done though. So instead of totally giving it up right now, I am trying to make a conscious effort to eat less of it. On one hand I am hoping it totally works and my face clears up. On the other hand, I might cry if I have to give up gluten and sugar. Only time will tell though.

As a ‘transition’ dessert, I made these peanut butter brown rice crisp bars the other night. I did half real peanut butter and half PB2 to reduce the calories, and they turned out really well. There is still sugar in them from the chocolate chips, but that’s it.

I’m still working on making new things and so far this week I made an awesome spicy cheeze sauce. It was super simple to make and turned out delicious.

Super Cheezy Dressing
1 cup coaked cashews (soaked for atleast an hour)
1 medium red bell pepper, chopped
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
2 Tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp salt
1 Tbsp water

Throw everything in the blender and blend! Add more/less water to make it thinner/thicker.

I topped some kale with the cheeze sauce and baked them. Turned out amazing.

I also picked up some Kombu the other day to try out. Kombu is a sea vegetable and I have been adding it to grains and beans during cooking. It is packed with minerals and can reduce gas and improve digestibility. It wasn’t very expensive, about $5, and will probably last a long time, so I figured I ought to give it a try.

You tear off a thumb size piece and submerge it in the water.

Then remove it once the grain or bean has cooked.

I have no idea how well it works, if at all, but I plan to keep cooking with it.

Anyone else ever use Kombu?


18 responses to “Some Eats

  1. I hope you find your skin solution! I too am taking sugar out of my diet as it does weird things to my thyroid at times. It’s not the easiest thing in the world for an ex-junk food junkie but I’ll get there. I have been looking for sugar-free dessert options as well but without the alternative sweetener (stevia, truvia[?], etc.) and I think you’ve inspired me to start experimenting. Thanks and good luck to you! πŸ™‚

    • Good luck! Sugar is so addicting, and hiding in so many things, that’s it’s so difficult to eliminate. I’ve found that any time I intentionally try to stop eating it I crave it like crazy. It sucks.

  2. i’ve always been really good about cutting out salt, saturated fats, etc. from what i eat, but i don’t think i could totally cut out sugar. while i never add sugar to things like coffee or tea or fruit, i do eat chocolate everyday. yup. when baking, i always use less sugar than called for, and sub unsweetened applesauce or pure maple syrup. or i just include really good dark chocolate or fruit to make up for the lack of sugar. i don’t want to use stevia until i’ve read up on it because i don’t know much about it.

    • In the grand scheme of my eats, I probably eat a small amount of sugar. But I will find myself craving it all the time and my hand dips into the chocolate chip bag way too many times.

      I really don’t know too much about the alternatives, but some of them freak me out. I got to taste the stevia plant one time, and it was really cool because it is super sweet! But I think what you find in stores is a heavily processed version of the plant.

  3. Another thing that will help reduce gas when cooking beans is to soak them for a couple hours… just an FYI. πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh no!!! Does blackbird have gluten free pizza?

    On the kombu, I took classes at the Natural Gourmet in NY years ago. The classes were much more “macrobiotic” at the time. Kombu was used in broths and beans as a “balancing” agent. I use it in many of my clearer stocked soups and in miso soup. We did use more than you show though? I can’t speak to it helping conditions or not…it was just the way were taught.

    • I don’t think so! But I am still planning on having gluten, I couldn’t give up my dear beer :-).

      That’s really cool you got to take classes there! I will have to try using more when I cook as well. I haven’t noticed a difference with using it, but figure why I have the package I should use it up.

  5. I love kombu…but don’t utilize it enough. I’ve actually grown fond of eating it instead of just discarding it after cooking. I always throw it in when I make aduki beans and rice…supposedly cuts some of beans less desirable qualities and adds just a tad of extra flavor.

    I’ve tried giving up sugar for periods, solely because I know I feel better when I do…I can’t say I can give you many tips though because I rarely stay successful for long!

    • I gave it to my cats to lick after I finished it yesterday, hah.

      Sugar is so hard. I have been so unsuccessfully everytime I have said I am going to give it up, and then I just eat more.

  6. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Not only did I just buy kombu for the first time this week, I bought that EXACT same package. πŸ™‚ I cooked some kidney beans with it, but forgot to take it out before I drained them, and as a result it shredded itself in a million pieces and I had to painstakingly pick all the seaweed flecks off my beans (I hate sea tastes). Note to self for next time!

  7. I’m trying to cut back on my sugar and gluten intake. I’ve been doing a bad job recently but I hope to reach a plan where I designate a day where I can have a little sugar or a little gluten that way i’m not depriving myself of things I love. Ughh, it’s hard! Good luck though and I hope they aren’t the source of your skin problems.

  8. That crisp bar looks so yummy! And on an unrelated note, your polish is adorbs.

  9. Does this include eliminating alcohol? That would be so hard…but all the good beers have gluten in them and liquor/wine all has sugar :/

  10. You never met my sister Brianna but her and Eric were in the same grade. Anyhow, she always had skin issues and recently found out that gluten might be the root of a lot of stomach problems. I’ve been trying to help her adjust her diet but she’s kinda stubborn and unmotivated to change. I was wondering if you had read that there’s a connection between the skin and sugar/gluten that I could share with her?

  11. Oh my goodness, best of luck cutting back on gluten and sugar. I’ve been trying to cut down on sugar for about 10 years, and have yet to go more than a day. At least I’ve gotten better at getting my baked goods out of the house once I make them!
    I’ve had stomach issues for years, and thought they were all from the terrible combination of my lactose intolerance and love of pizza. But since I’ve gone vegan, I still have some occasionally and have been looking at soy, wheat and sugar as culprits. But I dont’ have the strength yet to let them go!
    I haven’t tried kombu yet, but I’m intrigued…

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