Photos From The Weekend

We had a pretty low key weekend, although it sure did seem to go by fast!

Eric and I have become obsessed with a bakery in West Philly, Four Worlds Bakery. Their bread is the best, seriously. They mill their own flour, which is definitely what makes it. Eric picked up a loaf of sourdough on Friday, so we started off Saturday morning with some toast and tea.

It was snowing when we woke up and continued into the early afternoon. It was kind of the perfect amount of snow, we only got 2-3 inches, enough to cover the ground, but not so much that you are stuck inside.

Eric left to do “boy’s stuff” for most of the evening/night, which meant me and the cats were home alone. And let me tell you, it was a wild time. I cooked dinner then we watched multiple episodes of The Hills. Exciting I tell you…
I made a dinner of red potatoes, a ton of collards and asparagus. On a side note, when I was home for Christmas my family kept making fun of me for how much food I eat. Yep, sorry guys, I actually eat a ton of food. I’m a hungry person. So there is my giant dinner.

Sunday morning we met up with friends at Kraftwork to celebrate Juli’s birthday!


We hadn’t been to Kraftwork in forever, so I was pretty excited to go.


And even though it was brunch time, they had a few too looking good beers on the menu so Eric and I had to share a flight.


It was a nice Sunday afternoon brunch.


And after brunch, we went GAMBLING 🙂 :-)! We headed over to Sugarhouse Casino which is really right around the corner from our apartment. We hadn’t been, but thought it would be a fun birthday/cold weather activity.

sugarhouse casino

Eric and I made out pretty well on the slot machines. Juli and Abby…not so much.

sugarhouse casino

Eric and I ended our weekend with a nice quiet night at home. We watch The Art of the Steal which was awesome! It’s on Netflix Instant, so you should definitely check it out.


6 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. Oh man, you’re dinner looks delicious. Whenever I’m eating a mostly vegetable dinner I put it on a serving platter instead of a regular plate and I always get made fun of. I like food! Haha.

    I’ve only been gambling once, in Canada, when I was 18. I lost like 20 dollars and gave up. Too scared!

  2. we’ve toyed with the idea going all dressed up and going to sugarhouse james bond stylee, but that big box slots barn (yea yea, it has table games, i know) strikes me as so depressing i wouldn’t be able to ironically enjoy it. :-/

    i cannot wait for the new barnes to open (i am a fan of williams + tsien, and also of wider public access to art)!

    hmm, talk about incendiary comments today. i’ll keep my mouf shut about the iggles, i guess. lol. 😉

    • The casino is definitely weird/sad. There are a lot of people there that you know shouldn’t be spending their money.
      We also saw two kids locked in the car, without their parents, when we were leaving. That was pretty sad!

      • omg what is wrong with people?! on philebrity a while back, they posted a sign from the sugarhouse parking lot that says not to leave your kids (or pets) in the car. crazy…

  3. Art of the Steal is awesome. Have you seen exit through the gift shop? It’s pretty awesome too.
    Your grandma commented on my large portions once or twice and said I gained weight when I had on a dress. Hahaha.

    • I haven’t seen it, but it’s on our queue, so hopefully soon! I was going to text Chase and tell him yall need to watch Art of the Steal.

      Hah, I think when you are eating a huge plate of vegetables people think it’s a super large quantity of food.

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