Cookbook Challenge

I love cookbooks. I treat them like books and enjoy reading them cover to cover. But unfortunately I rarely use them for what they are intended for, cooking.

One of my goals this year is to actually use my cookbooks. I am going to try to cook 2-3 things out of them each week.

I started out with Veganomicon, which is the ULTIMATE vegan cookbook. I have so many pages flagged in there.

First recipe in the challenge was the Southwestern Corn Pudding. This dish was awesome! Eric was surprised I wanted to even make it, but we both enjoyed it. It came together really easy, and we had it for dinner, plus lunch the next day.

My second recipe out of Veganomicon was the Fresh Dill-Basmati Rice with Chard & Chickpeas. I used millet instead of rice, but this was recipe was ok. I realized I’m not a huge fan of chard, so I want to try it again with collards or kale. But the point of this challenge isn’t to love everything I make. I’d love to figure out what part I didn’t enjoy then fix it!

This challenge is going to take a little work on my end, I’ll actually have to pick out some recipes and write out grocery lists, but I hope in the end we will have some new dishes to put into rotation, and maybe I will even try some new foods.

Have a favorite recipe? Send it my way!


13 responses to “Cookbook Challenge

  1. I love the chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon! And is the punk rock vegan gravy in there? I know it’s one of Isa’s recipes.

  2. I have the same problem – so many cookbooks that I never use. The deciding on a recipe and making a list before going to the store is what trips me up, so I tend to just cook off the top of my head with what’s in the fridge. But your post just reminded me to look up a few recipes before heading to the store. Thanks!

  3. Haa same here, especially now that I want to try new foods. I was looking through my raw cookbook a couple of nights ago to bookmark some recipes and I came across a biscotti and cracker recipe. I thought about sending it to you but wasn’t sure you’d be interested. Lemme know if you’d want them and I’ll surely email the recipes to you

  4. Make the Chickpea Cutlets from VCon!!

  5. What about dessert? As a pastry chef I find that vegan desserts can be challenging but I have an awesome recipe for a vegan cream sauce you should give a try. I will send it your way.

    • I’m no pastry chef, but I love making and eating dessert! Send away!

      • send me the cream sauce and I will try making some of the recipes you make I am excited about corn pudding cuz I love the stuff. I thought clean smart would be a great early bday gift I got it too but I do not have veganomican oh well

  6. I made a very similar goal for myself this year (I want to try at least one new recipe each week). This week I made the Zucchini Delight from How It all Vegan (only I subbed broccoli for the zucchini), and it was awesome! Keep sharing how your recipes turn out- I own Veganomicon too, but haven’t tried many recipes in it yet!

  7. Looks like a lot of us made this goal! I just posted about it on my page.

    I’m the same way. Lots of cookbooks that are read but hardly ever used (at least the savory recipes never get used. I’m always baking). I’m not much of a cook, and have never really cooked vegan for myself, so this is a big new challenge. And I’m terrible at planning for the week and making grocery lists. But so far this year I’ve done really well and made a few recipes last week. I tried the moroccan tagine with kale and chickpeas from the vegan girl’s guide to life, and it was quite possibly the most delicious thing I’ve ever made. I highly recommend it!

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