Photos From The Weekend

Our weekend was filled with celebrating the New Year!
We started off the celebration by going to a friend’s house to hang out for a bit.



Then we made our way to a party.


There was no TV at the party, and everyone’s phone had a wrong time, so I think we celebrated the New Year about 3 times?

After the party we had an after hours dance party. It got a little wild.



We called it quits at about 4am, but woke up fairly early in the morning for the Mummer’s Parade!

I had never been to the parade, and it’s pretty hard to explain. New Year’s Day in Philly is kind of like Mardi Gras. It is completely nuts. Pretty much everyone in the parade is drunk, so it makes for a pretty entertaining parade. They are also dressed up really crazy.
Mummer's Parade

Mummer's Parade

Mummer's Parade

Our friend Kevin was a Mummer, so we met up with him afterwards.
Mummer's Parade

The party doesn’t stop after the parade. Everyone heads down to ‘2 street’ and it’s just a massive party in the street. I tried to take some photos to show the extent, but it was crazy.

There’s a different dance party on every block.

After a couple of busy and late nights, Eric and I had a pretty chill Sunday. Today is Eric’s last day off from work, so we are going to live it up!


One response to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. Wow..looks like a really fun new years for you guys!
    I watched the mummers parade on TV and seriously was let down come to find out that the majority of them were just drunk..i just thought they were special kinds of people who enjoyed dressing and dancing like crazy and looking really really happy doing it! haha.

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