Home for Christmas


My day has gone a little something like this:
4am wake up
4:30am leave house for airport
5am arrive at airport
5:20am arrive at gate, say bye to Eric (he’s going to Pittsburgh)
5:45am board plane, sit down, buckle my seatbelt…then everyone is asked to exit the airplane

Yep, I knew this morning was going too smooth to be true. There was a mechanical issue with my plane, the flight was eventually canceled, all other flights booked the rest of the day, it was a disaster.
I actually have the worst of luck flying. One time my plane was even struck by lightening!

So after a few hours of standing in the longest line ever, I’m on a different airline with a pretty late departure and an even later arrival time.

It’s not the worst in the world, I really hate complaining about it. I’m lucky that I have a family to fly home to, and that I have the means to go see them, but it still sucks, ya know?
Atleast I have free wifi and Netflix. And breakfast and lunch voucher. Which I really hope applies to alcohol.

Please entertain me while I sit in airports all day. Anyone else dealing with hellacious travel over the holidays?


13 responses to “Home for Christmas

  1. No hellacious travel here, but as I type I’m sitting at work with nothing to do and no indication as to WHEN we get off for the holidays. It’s kind of crappy. I’d rather be at the airport with netflix… and the promise of being bound somewhere, instead of bound to my desk. šŸ˜‰

  2. Oh no! That sounds like no fun.

    The last time I flew I was coming home from New York and had a bunch of delays. The airport was crammed and I had a terrible cold. I spent $17 on a package of cold medicine from the airport shop and then sat on the floor of the terminal and watched TV on my laptop, feeling miserable.

    I hope you get home soon.

  3. If you count traveling the snow ladden streets of Minneapolis as travel then yes its been a pretty constant nightmare….. We are trying to embrace this weather with open arms but COME ON! A zillion feet of snow in a matter of days?? There is no where to put it all!
    Good luck on your quest for booze! Merry Christmas!

  4. Good luck getting home! I’m glad my family just lives around New England and we can drive everywhere. I’m sure you’ll find some good alcohol in the duty free shop šŸ™‚

  5. Safe travels, Lauren! Luckily the furthest I’m going is a subway ride away, but once when I was in college I got to the airport for a 6 AM flight only to find out my plane was canceled! They did manage to put me on another one, but it was pretty stressful.

  6. my pretty pretty girl still as beautiful as you were when you were little love you bunches-mommy

  7. still have the little dress

  8. Cant wait til we have the pretend cooking show. In the meantime, this is my favorite website: http://www.fastenseatbelts.eu/en/ just in case santas slay isn’t fulfilling you.

  9. Bummer so sorry Lauren!!!!! Have a safe flight home and a nice time with your fam!

  10. all of my travel stories involve over sleeping or getting lost.

    or that one time i smuggled a knife past TSA. OK there a story. I had used the knife to cut packing tap on boxes because i was moving apartments. I threw the knife in my backpack and forgot about it. a week later I was going to fly to san antonio.

    I went through TSA, when the agent stopped and pulled the knife in my bag.

    I apologized, explained why it was there and then went to my plane.

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