Photos From The Weekend

We did a whole lot of nothing this weekend. So to make up for it I took a bunch of pictures of the cats because I feel like their presence on the blog has been lacking lately.

First off, I came home Friday to see this, Kitta hanging out in our clean laundry. Later in the night I found her in the dirty laundry, so I don’t think she actually has a preference.

I think I mentioned before that Grissom is obsessed with nutritional yeast. He knows exactly what the bottle looks like and knows what the lid opening sounds like, and anytime you get it out he rushes into the kitchen and starts yelling at you to feed him some.

It was cute at first, but now it’s just annoying. Oh well.

The most productive thing I did all weekend was bake foccacia bread. I used the recipe out of Veganomicon and it was by far the easiest foccacia I have ever made. Highly recommend it.

I think I should point out the reason there are so many cat photos is because it’s been really cold lately so the cats stay inside.

Finally on Sunday Eric and I left the house. The temperature rose to about 50 degrees and we just wanted out. We walked down to Olde City and I did some Christmas shopping.

And then we stopped by the Khyber Pass Pub for an early dinner. We used to go to the Khyber when it was a bar, and were curious to see it in action as a restaurant.

The menu has pretty decent vegan options. They have vegan buttered popcorn, Vegan BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, Vegan Grilled Sausage, and Vegan Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes and coleslaw and everything is marked very clearly.

We started with the buttered popcorn, which was good, but extremely butter-y!

And Eric ordered the bbq pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and mashed potatoes. He said everything was really good. I ate a salad, don’t judge.

Since Sunday was probably the last day with nice temperatures we walked around a bit before heading home.

Now back to Grissom and his love of nutritional yeast. We usually buy “nooch” in bulk and then refill our container. Well last night Eric refilled it and gave Grissom the bag the nooch has been in. He went full force into the bag.

It was a dream come true.


7 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. awesome photos of the cats.

  2. hahaha I love that last picture! You know now I’m going to rush home after work and feed Stella nooch. I’ll report back with a paws up or down!

  3. Yep looks like zomz after sniffing out the kale. O HAI kitta and grissom, hope you are all ready for christmas!!!

  4. My friend Greg’s cat loves nooch too! He can’t leave it lying out on the counter or she will knock over the canister and roll around in it. Crazy! So far, none of my six cats seem to have a thing for nooch though.

  5. I love that your cat likes nooch!!

  6. kitties are so cute but my Lalita looks tired

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