Its getting to be that time of year again, dark when you go to work, dark when you are leaving for work and COLD!

The last few days have been brutal with the low temperatures and gusty winds pushing the windchill into the single digits.  Both of us have been commuting daily now, Lauren to school and me to work.  Let me just say, I couldn’t be more proud of her 🙂

The streams have already started to freeze over now.  Dress warm kids, its cold out there!



8 responses to “B-R-R-R-R-R!

  1. You guys are so sweet. Oh and the fact that you ride your bikes in these frigid conditions is truly amazing. Stay warm!!

  2. What do you guys wear on your faces when biking at this time of year? I bundled up with a HUGE scarf and hat, but my cheeks were still frigid biking at night in the windy chill!

    • my bf has one of those creepy face covering ski masks, aka a balaclava. he wears that under his helmet and says it works really well. i usually just wear a knit hat under my helmet and a scarf, but i don’t ride as much in cold weather as he does.

    • Agreed, I wear a balaclava under my helmet. The key is to sandwich it between two different layers so no air can seep in. It will get hot in there with your breath, but it much better than being cold. Also if you wear glasses then there’s the possibility that without mouth/nose ventilation you will fog them up as well. Lauren asked me to write up a quick bit about dressing for winter rides, I can do that sooner than later if that would help out.

  3. legit.

    I gotta get you and lauren to give Juli some riding inspiration/peer pressure with riding the bicycle everywhere.

    • for a while i really didn’t like having to ride my bike everywhere. i was lazy and was scared of cars.
      but it gets better the more you do it. sometimes i still feel lazy, but it’s so much faster/cheaper than taking septa, and easier than walking.

      we will start forcing juli on rides.

  4. Cold wind is the horrible but it’s way better than biking in 106 degree weather.

  5. HTFU in full force over at Goodbye Texas, Hello PA!

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