Photos From The Weekend

To put it lightly, I’ve been kind of bummed out lately. My foot is still hurt and I have self diagnosed myself with plantar fasciitis. It comes and goes, and is totally random, but when it hits, the pain is so bad I almost fall down. Yep, I can barely walk. So if you have any tips that would be helpful. I am taking my time and trying to stay off of it, but it’s hard when you live in a city and walk around a lot.

So to make myself feel better I decided to get started baking early on Friday, because baking makes everything better, right?
I decided to make Ashley’s Chocolate Graham Crackers because they didn’t seem too difficult and I could start eating them immediately.

The verdict is still out on these. They were good, don’t get me wrong, but mine didn’t turn out very “graham cracker-y.” And I think next time I would add a lot more sugar, mine weren’t very sweet. But they were still easy, and make a good snack.

Then Eric came home with vegan challah bread!

We ordered it from Four Worlds Bakery in West Philly. They make AMAZING bread. I think it’s because they mill their own flour. Most of their bread is vegan, and you can order the challah bread without the egg wash!

Friday evening, Kelly hosted an event at a hair salon in our neighborhood. Cocktails and delicious food? I am totally in. The super awesome Josh played cocktail master for the evening, and made some dangerous green cocktails. They might have gone down a little too easy.

There was so much good food there as well.

I wish we could have stayed a lot longer, but we had to head down to Olde City to meet up with one of my friends from high school who moved to Philly recently. I was sad to learn that Sugarmom’s doesn’t have $1 PBRs anymore, and instead I had to pay a whopping $2.50.

It was a late night where it felt like we did a lot, but in actuality we did absolutely nothing.

Saturday was spent running around the city trying to find a digital converter box for our TV. No place has them. Anyone out there have one you want to give us (or let us buy?). I hate going to all these electronic stores during holiday shopping. It sucked.

I wanted to stay in Saturday night, but some friends where going dancing in our neighborhood, and who was I to say no to some dancing? And to some sideburns like that?

Luckily the dancing took place a block from our apartment, so I was able to head home early and call it a night.

By Sunday morning Eric and I were really low on food, so we decided to go out for lunch. Sketch Burger isn’t too far from our apartment, but not really close either. We somehow always forget about it, so I was excited to head there for lunch. It was a nice walk in some freezing weather, but it felt good to get out of the apartment.

They also have some amazing fries.

Like really amazing.

Although it’s a burger place, they had chili on the menu so Eric ordered that.

He said it was good. I didn’t try it because it’s not my thing.

On the walk home I stopped by a plant store and finally bought an air plant! I’ve been obsessed with these for a while, so I was pretty excited to get one.

We then packed ourselves up and headed to the suburbs! Our friends Ben and Michelle just bought their first house!

They had an awesome house-warming party and it was great to see their new home. The home is beautiful and made me really jealous! It was also all decorated and made me wish we could have a tree.

Whenever we leave the city we always try to figure out other things we can do as well. A new Whole Foods opened up a while ago, and I heard rumors that they had beer. Being able to buy beer in a normal place is a big deal around here, so I was really excited to check it out.

Decent beer selection, decent prices.

Groceries were also bought, and it was a lot cheaper than the Whole Foods in the city.

I know everyone LOOOVES all the pumpkin beer in the fall, but I am more of a winter beer kind of gal.

The 2009 Sly Fox Christmas was amazing, so I grabbed a bottle, but I am really excited to try their 2010.

And to get you in the holiday spirit, here is a video our friend Juli made. I couldn’t figure out how to embed it, so just click on the link. You won’t be sorry.


27 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. ha, our tv died, too. we were still getting some channels w/o the digital converter, but i guess december 1st, they all finally had to switch over? oh well, we will probably use this as an excuse to get a new tv. with football season i HAVE to have my tv. 😛

  2. the video is priceless…i am loving the blue tights

  3. I’m a runner and have had bouts of Plantar Faciitis in the past. The only way it got better was to wear shoes that support your arch as much as possible. You can get inserts at running stores and buy shoes that have a natural arch (like Rainbows). Also, you should go to the foot Dr if it’s really painful, just resting your foot (by not running) didn’t help me at all. Hope this helps and love the blog 🙂

    • thank you! i might look into getting inserts for now because i just recently got new shoes. i think a visit to the doctor might be good as well. i really just want to get this under control before it gets worse.

  4. Who was the friend from high school who moved to philly? And yeah, that’s right, i still read your blog.

  5. I would say call up a massage therapist and see ifthey can work on your foot. If it’s still a nuiscance then your best bet is to probably see a dr bc you don’t want that turning into a bigger injury.

  6. Sorry about your foot! Check with your doctor and then maybe try a massage therapist. You may just need a break from running. Are you able to work out at all? Yoga might be a nice treat for your feet and I know a chick who always needs a yoga accomplice…

    Thank you for coming on Friday, it was nice to see your familiar faces coming through the door! Especially since I always worry if people will show up or not.

    • luckily i can cycle and sort of weight lift (mainly doing stuff while sitting). and i have started doing yoga again! it seems to help some.

      you go to yoga at lululemon, right? i am going to ask you more about it, i think i want to start going.

      and friday night was awesome! you did a great job, i really wish we could have stayed longer!

  7. We’ve been having the same problem with PBR inflation. Our fave dive bar, the Lamplighter, went from something like $5 a pitcher for PBR to freakin’ $9.50…for a pitcher of PBR! Craziness. Just pure craziness. The beer selection at that Whole Foods looks amazing. Ours just has the usual Magic Hat, Sam Smith’s, etc. Nothing too fancy. Damn.

  8. Oh the dreaded plantar fasciitis. So sorry to hear you have been been hit with the evil little bugger. It has been a thorn in my side since this summer (although the Achilles tendonitis I have in the other foot is worse, so be glad you don’t have that!) Things that have NOT worked (for me anyway): resting/ not running, giving it “time”. Things that HAVE worked: yoga, the gel heel cups and night splint I wrote about here:, the sock splint I wrote about here:, the KT tape I bought at the race expo, and lastly (and most drastically) cortisone shots which I wrote about here:

    • Thanks! I was actually going to bug you about this since I know you have been dealing with it. I might get some gel cups asap and start wearing them.

  9. Thank you for coming on Sunday! I didn’t realize your foot was still broken! Sorry about all the stairs during the tour!

  10. Hi, we had very similar weekends. I too, tried to find a digital converter and if you have Comcast, they are giving them FOR FREE! The best part is, you get over 100 channels with it. One of the very few things Comcast is good for. You just need to pick it up at your nearest Comcast center (If you live in Nolibs, your center might be the one on S. Columbus).
    I also went to Sketch this weekend, I love their vegan burger and seitan teriyaki sandwich!
    I NEED that vegan challah, I will have to order one on Friday and make french toast with it. Looks amazing.
    PS, this is xstartxtodayx on the ppk board.

    • oh yah? now do you pay for any sort of cable through Comcast? Hmm i need to try the seitan teriyaki sandwich then. does the seitan sandwhich change or is it always teriyaki? Yeah…. I havnt had challah in forever so it was such a treat and everything else they made has been excellent as well.

      • When you get the converter from comcast, there is no additional fee, monthly or otherwise for it. I have a cable box with basic cable in my living rokm, then have a splitter running to the tv in my bedroom, which was getting all the free broadcast channels before dec 1. Then it didnt work, got the converter and get over 100 channels with it. Comcast assured me there is no additional charge. Pretty awesome.

        Sketch has 2 seitan specials- teriyaki and the.cheesesteak. The teriyaki is reaaally good, better than the cheesesteak by far.

  11. Sorry about your foot!
    I’ve been reading a lot about Vibram Five Finger Shoes lately because I think I’m getting them for Christmas, and today I came across this article about Vibrams and Plantar Fasciitis:

    I haven’t used Vibrams (yet) so I can’t attest to any of that information, but maybe it’s something you could look into. I know the conventional wisdom is that “the only way it got better [is] to wear shoes that support your arch as much as possible”, but the idea with Vibrams is that you strengthen your feet so much you don’t need any support from shoes since humans were designed to run barefoot. There’s also a book called “Born to Run” that talks all about minimalist running if you’re interested it that. That’s just my two cents. Hope you feel better soon 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I have a pair of 5 fingers, but have actually been scared to wear them while this is going on because I thought it would make it worse. Little did I know!

  12. Ack! That blows Lauren!! I have struggled with that before and it’s the biggest pain in the ass. I have an awesome foot doc if you need one 🙂 And hand doc too now, bahaha.

    • If it’s not better by the new year I might hit up up for your foot doctor info. I hope I can stay away from your hand doctor though, I don’t want those messed up as well!

  13. What a fun and festive weekend! Your tree looks so lovely (we’re still slow in that department) and the salon event looks delicious!

  14. oh man you guys had a jam packed weekend. i’m so bummed i missed the dancing… damn work. can we pleeeaassseee rain check? we are way over due. p.s. glad you guys liked the video. it was pretty fun to make.

    • ha luckily the dancing wasn’t too epic, i don’t think we stayed that long, and 700 still has a weird crowd.

      what are you doing tomorrow after teaching? i want to go eat at the khyber!

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