Photos From The Weekend

Eric and I laid low all weekend. Eric is sort of sick, which means I am more than likely getting sick, which meant lots of rest and TV watching. Plus it just got cold here, so hello winter hibernation!

I’m a little bit ashamed to admit that we participated in Black Friday. But I’m also a little bit proud because we scored some killer deals. We didn’t wake up early or anything, and most of the places we went were near empty, but it was still nice to pick up a few things for the cheap. I think we went to a total of 5 bike stores on Friday?

But, I was able to pick up a pair of bike shoes for 40% off!
bike shoes!
I don’t have them set up yet, but I can’t wait to start riding in them.

And we also bought a bike trainer! This will be great for riding our bikes indoors during the winter. I think we scored this for over $100 off.
bike trainer

bike trainer

We ventured into center city later in the day and headed to American Apparel. A few weeks ago Groupon had a deal where you could get $50 worth of merchandise for only $25. Eric and I each bought one, and on Black Friday American Apparel had everything for 20%. So we bought $62 worth of merchandise for only $25. Score!
I bought some socks and tights, and Eric got a ton of underwear and shirts.
american apparel

And then I swung by Sephora and finally picked up the Urban Decay Vegan Eyeshadow Palette. I didn’t NEED it, but I really wanted it.
urban decay

Saturday morning I got up and started baking cookies. We already went through our Thanksgiving desserts and I was in the mood for Christmas cookies. I’m doing a cookie cookbook review later this week, so here is just a sneak peek.
christmas cookies

And that’s the extent of photos from Saturday. We actually didn’t leave the house at all. Instead Eric did major maintenance on all of our bikes.

Despite freezing temperatures, I was determined to wake up Sunday and get outside and do something.

I guess now I should talk about how I am injured from running. I hurt my foot during the last half to the point where it hurts to walk. I can’t really stand on it for more than 5 minutes without a lot of pain. So I am taking some time off. One week down, and hopefully only another week or two to go! But luckily I can ride my bike pain free.
Eric and I set out on a bike ride in the morning with really no plan.
bike fun!

We ended up riding to Conshohocken and back, which was about 32 miles total. We took the Schuykill River Trail.
bike fun!

I’m slowly starting to get the hang of my bike. Next up is riding with my new shoes!
bike fun!

After getting home from riding we went and grabbed some food. On our walk home we saw a giant black cloud in the sky and decided walk over to see what was going on.
fire in northern liberties

As we got close definitely could tell it was a crazy fire going on in an abandoned factory.
fire in northern liberties

Surprisingly I have never seen a non-controlled fire, and had no idea that was smoke could come out of a fire.
fire in northern liberties

I have so much more respect for firefighters now (not that I didn’t before, but I had never seen them in action). They seemed to get everything under control fairly quickly, and from checking around online I don’t think anyone was injured, and the surrounding homes were not badly damaged.
fire in northern liberties


5 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. I could see the smoke from my street (i’m near 3rd and girard) and at first thought the el was on fire! we walked over and took some pics, too (then walked to kraftwerk since it’s not that far). the firefighters got it under control quickly!

    hope your foot heals soon!

  2. Are you taking echinacea and eating tons of garlic? Getting sick around the end of the school semester is no bueno!

  3. I’m so looking forward to those cookies! Chocochips & peppermint…i’m in. I’ve been thinking about buying a stand to ride our bikes indoors. Portland winters are too moist for a lot of riding… at least for me.

  4. I always love these weekend recaps! Looks like you scored some awesome stuff. I’ve actually never participated in Black Friday because I don’t think I could stand the crowds, but I probably should sometime because everyone I know saves so much money!

    I want that UD palette, too! I am totally addicted to their makeup, but don’t have that yet.

  5. I bought the same Groupon! Glad you got found great stuff… I can’t wait to use mine.

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