Eric and I successfully pulled off our first 100% vegan Thanksgiving.

Before I get to the food, we had our first snow yesterday morning!
It was only a little, and didn’t stick, but it got me really excited for the months to come. I LOVE snow. I know, I’m weird.

I had prepped a lot of the food before yesterday, so we only had a few things to make and finish baking.

For an appetizer I made homemade crackers and a vegan cheese ball! I was really proud of my cheeseball and I am going to post the recipe next week. I’ve never tasted an actual cheeseball, but Eric confirmed that it was tasty.

I think I was more excited to use my cat cheese knife that Eric’s mom got me a few months ago.

We had quite a spread for just two people.


On the menu: homemade dinner rolls, green beans, brussel sprouts, mac ‘n’ cheese, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, seitan cutlets. Everything was made by us from scratch!

We even cracked open a nice beer for our meal.

We ate a ton.

Which resulted in this.
post thanksgiving nap

And this.
human stuffing


6 responses to “Thanksgiving

  1. Your thanksgiving looks great! We made our first vegan thanksgiving all by ourselves yesterday too. We bought the tofurky roast and made everything else from scratch. Your seitan cutlets look great – are you going to be posting your recipes? Nom nom nom

  2. yum…i love the tail sticking out the bottom of the sweatshirt

  3. Everything looks great, but I like your nailpolish best, ha!

  4. That feast looks seriously impressive! Next year will be my first 100% vegan Thanksgiving- nice to know it can look so good!

  5. everything looks amazing!!!!! i want to try that “cheese” ball! i also loveeeee the cat knife and the cat photos! how did you get kitta to stay still?!?!

  6. Looks like a really great spread! I also love the nail polish!

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