Today I Am Thankful For…

In no particular order, today I am thankful for…

lazy sunday
Kitta Marie and Grissom have been there for me for almost 7 years. There have been rough times and good times, but those two have always been there. They are my two best buds, and the ones I don’t think I can ever lose. They have been there through the rough times and the awesome times. I honestly can’t imagine a life without them.

Phillies Game
I never thought I would be the person to relay on another person so much, but after spending the past few years with Eric, I can’t imagine a life any different. Eric is my rock. He is my sane side. He is my happy side. I struggle to put into words what he means to me, because he means so much! I never thought I could meet another person that compliments me so much, yet has made me into such a different person. I like to brag that Eric and I are totally different people than when we first met. It’s a good thing, I promise. He has pushed me so much in life and I have seen so much potential in myself that I never saw before. I have him to thank for all of that. I am so proud of him and so happy that I was able to meet him.

My family rocks. I have the most supportive parents in the world. Whenever I have EVER wanted to do something, their first response has always been “well how do we get there.” I feel so lucky that I have been able to experience all I have, but it’s only because my parent’s have worked hard their entire life. I’m so lucky that I have a brother that I am friends with. We have a special bond that goes beyond siblings. Whether we are joking around or talking about serious things, I know I always have him, and will always have him.


I didn’t think another family has great as mine could exist, but boy, was I wrong. Eric’s family is amazing. I felt at home the first time I met them. I have enjoyed getting to know them over the past few years, and honestly, can’t imagine life without them now. They support me as much as my parent’s do. They support us so much as well. His parent’s are two of the kindest people ever, and I feel so lucky to have them in my life.

swilgamesh 4000
I have a great group of friends from Texas that I am so thankful for. It takes me a while to make friends. I am quiet and cautious. You have to warm up to me. But I feel so lucky that I can hang out with these ladies, after months of not talking, and feel like nothing has changed.

super sweet sixteen birthday party
Moving to Philly was hard, socially, for me. I have to give a big ol’ thanks to Juli, for welcoming with open arms. She was one of Eric’s old friends, and without her I probably would have freaked out. Thank you for constantly calling, texting and inviting me to stuff. You saved my life.

Running at Wissahickon

ING Rock n Roll Half Marathon
I have met some of the best people through blogging. Who would have thought that this thing would introduce me to amazing people in Philadelphia? So thank you to all my blogger friends! There are a lot of you, but I am so thankful for each and everyone of you. Especially the local ones. I finally feel like I belong in the city, and I have you all to thank!

I hope everyone else has a great day, and feel thankful for the special people in your life!


3 responses to “Today I Am Thankful For…

  1. This is so sweet. Happy Thanksgiving, Lauren and Eric! I hope you guys had a wonderful day together ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Awesome t-gives post ๐Ÿ™‚ Let’s play soon!

  3. love you too lauren! (and i guess i like you eric. sheesh.) happy thanksgiving pals!

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