Sour Cream Chocolate Sheet Cake

chocolate sheet cake

I don’t know about you, but I am already getting ready for Thanksgiving. Even though it’s just going to be me and Eric (and the cats) we are still planning on making a ton of food.

chocolate sheet cake

I got started with probably my favorite thing in the entire world, chocolate sheet cake. My mom has made this for every holiday for as long as I can remember. I think this is what I was most sad about when I went vegan. But luckily because I have the greatest mom in the world, she veganized the cake and still makes it for me!

chocolate sheet cake

This was my first attempt at the cake, but I think it turned out pretty well. Now who wants to come over and eat some with me?

Sour Cream Chocolate Sheet Cake

2 sticks Earth Balance
1 cup water
4 TBSP cocoa
2 cups cake flour
2 cups sugar
1/2 tsp salt
Egg replacer for 2 eggs
1/2 cup Tofutti sour cream
1 tsp. baking soda

In a sauce pan, heat Earth Balance, water, cocoa to boiling stage. In a large bowl, mix flour, sugar, and salt -combine with liquid mixture and beat with an electric mixer at med-high speed for one minute. Continue beating but reduce speed to medium. Gradually blend in egg replacer, sour cream, and baking soda. Afterwards, turn speed on high and beat 2-3 minutes longer. Pour batter into greased and floured 11x16x1in pan. Bake 400 until springy (20 minutes)

chocolate sheet cake

1/2 cup melted Earth Balance
1 lb. powered sugar
4 TBSP cocoa
1 TBSP almond milk
1 tsp vanilla
dash salt
1 1/2 cups walnuts

Melt Earth Balance in small sauce pan with cocoa. Add milk. Stir and cook on low heat until mixture slightly thickens. Pour into mixing bowl. Add powdered sugar , salt and vanilla. Beat with mixture until smooth and creamy. If too thick, add another dash of milk.*

*I found I had to add an extra 4 TBSP milk. I would suggest starting with the 1, then adding more as you beat the mixture.

chocolate sheet cake


5 responses to “Sour Cream Chocolate Sheet Cake

  1. I would happily come over and help you eat this 🙂


  3. When I saw your dream car, all I could think about was Top Gear! (It reminds me of a particular episode, so I won’t spoil it, if you haven’t seen it.) Have you guys ever watched it? If not, it’s amazing show about cars from the UK.

    It’s in a few parts on youtube, here is part 1 and trust me, watch the rest!

    Also, I always get really excited when I hear about you running another race. It just makes me smile, because I know how much effort it takes to get there and how much you personally enjoy it!

  4. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Whoa…now that looks decadent. Can I have some? 😉

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