Photos From The Weekend

Another weekend, another half marathon. I know I just ran San Antonio LAST weekend, but I ran Philadelphia this weekend.
I don’t think I told anyone I was running Philadelphia, mainly because I wasn’t sure if I actually would. I wanted to, but I wasn’t sure how I would feel. San Antonio was awesome. I set an 11 minute PR. Normal people would be happy with that. But I knew I had more in me, and could do better than I did in San Antonio.

Friday afternoon I met up with Leslie and Melissa for the Philly expo. Melissa ran the full marathon!

Leslie did not run, but joined us for the fun!

I don’t know if it’s because we went early on Friday, or what, but the expo was meh.

After picking everything up we headed to Farmicia for lunch. I was planning on sticking to only water, but it was happy hour and I couldn’t pass up a cocktail.

I couldn’t really settle on a meal, so I ordered a salad and hummus. Delicious.

I took Friday night off from taking photos. I just wasn’t in the mood. All you missed was a bunch of miller hi-life, PBR and dancing. No one needs to see any of that.

Due to friends being in town and traveling, Eric and I had not gone to the grocery store in over 3 weeks. I designated Saturday as a massive shopping trip. But first we stopped by a car show. I was happy to see my dream car, and I hope that one day we get one! Luckily Eric does not need much convincing when it comes to buying cars :-).

A few minutes after getting home from the shopping trip I got a text from Leslie that she was at a restaurant in our neighborhood. Eric and I met up with her and her fiance and Dos Segundos.
I normally have 1 beer the night before a race. I know a lot of people say to stay away from alcohol, but it helps calm me down, plus I just enjoy it! So I had my 1 beer then chugged water. Ok I might have had a few sips of the other beers they ordered, but that was for taste-testing purposes only.

Then it was off to bed because I had a 5:45 wake up call!
I don’t think I can express how thankful I am to have Eric, especially in regards to my running. He has been there for every single race I have ever done. He wakes up early to go to the start with me. He holds all my crap. He follows me on his bike, taking photos along the way and also constantly encouraging me. He is there at the end with anything I need. It’s a blessing and it definitely takes a lot of my stress away.

Eric and I usually ride our bikes to the start, which gives us a lot more time in the morning. We don’t have to worry about traffic or parking. I decided for this race I would stay home as long as possible to avoid using the port-o-potties. I arrived about 10 minutes before the start. Enough time to lock up the bike, snap a photo and hop in my corral.

Eric was able to snap a few photos of the elites! The guy in the bright neon shirt won the marathon!

Since I had just run another half I wanted my legs to lead the way. I rarely checked my garmin and instead just ran.

I got to see Lisa and Sabrina cheering people on. It helps so much when you see familiar faces.

The course went through center city then we made our way over to West Philly. It was definitely a lot hillier than I was expecting, but not too bad. But then we came to THE HILL. When I ran my first half back in May the last mile was mainly up this hill in Fairmount Park. The hill defeated me both mentally and physically. I was determined NOT to let it get me this time. While my pace slowed, I kept running.

The course then made its way to West River Drive, which I have run a bajillion times in training.

My calves started to cramp up on me a lot. My foot was killing me. I really wanted to stop and walk, but I just pushed through the pain, knowing it would be over soon.

And then it was over and I was all smiles.

I don’t have the official results yet, but here are my splits from the Garmin. A minute and a half PR from last weekend.
philadelphia half marathon splits

The best part about riding your bike to a race is the ride home. And I am serious about this. It really works your legs out and stretches them. If you stop moving after a race your legs start to cramp, so the ride home is a serious relief.

After some rest and relaxation at home, Eric and I went over to Sabrina’s for a post race brunch. Her husband ran the full and totally rocked it! It was a lot of fun getting to talk to everyone who ran it and hearing their stories.

And then I finished my weekend off by going to the movies to see Harry Potter 7!!! It was amazing!


15 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. Great job on the half!

  2. Hey Lauren, great race report! And two weekends in a row is fantastic.

    You are so lucky to have Eric supporting you and taking pictures of your race.

  3. Great job, Lauren!! Please force me to run more so we can have Ben and Eric for our support bikes!

    • i was telling ben on saturday that i want to do a few dualthons next year and he said you might be interested! i will send you the information or tell you about them later, they aren’t till summer-ish, but i think they could be a lot of fun!

  4. Aww, no trains? Looks like you had fun. and nice job on 2 weeks in a row. I have to say you and eric should do warrior dash together. Tons of fun there.

  5. Yay!!! Awesome race, Lauren!! Getting there right before race start is ideal! I got there at 6:45 and it was perfect, except I couldn’t find my darn pacer…

  6. COME TO ATX, WE WILL DO THE HALF! Granted, I’m about 1-2 minutes slower than you, butttttt, nothing like communicating through telepathy.

  7. Congrats Lauren! Awesome time!!!

  8. Wow, I am seriously impressed that you ran two back-to-back halves and did even better on the 2nd one! And your miles splits are so consistent- something I definitely am not good at!

  9. Thanks for being such a great photography teacher on Friday! I’m already playing with all of the different settings. I love it. And congrats on your time…thats amazing (esp considering you partied Friday night…starting at 2pm! haha)

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