Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA Week 26

2 Heads Red leaf Lettuce – certified organic – Back 40 Ranch

1 Bag Mixed Turnips – certified organic – Goshen View Organics

2 lbs. Orange Carrots – certified organic – Elm Tree Organics

1 Butternut Squash – certified organic – Soaring Eagle Acres

1 Bunch Easter Egg Radishes – certified organic – Windy Hollow Organics

1½ lb. Gold Beets – certified organic – Windy Hollow Organics

2 lbs. Russet Potatoes – certified organic – Millwood Springs Organics

Anyone have a turnip recipe? I have no idea what to do with it!
Also, what’s everyone making for Thanksgiving? Honestly I am a little overwhelmed! I keep finding different recipes that sound better than the previous.


4 responses to “Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA Week 26

  1. Nothing better then fresh veggies. Wow they look great. I haven’t figured out what I’m making for Thanksgiving yet but I am thinking pumpkin cheesecake might be one item.

  2. new favorite (last year was the first) was a vegan pot pie that is on the vegetarian times magazine website…

  3. i usually just mash up turnips with carrots and potatoes (and earth balance), but i might try something more “fancy” this year, like acorn squash stuffed with lentils, roasted carrots and turnips.

  4. I swear I don’t work for them but this month’s Everyday Food magazine has a little feature on turnips. You don’t even have to buy it if it’s at your local library. There’s a recipe for honey-glazed turnips that I’m gonna try with maple syrup or agave nectar.

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