Photos From The Weekend

This past weekend was awesome. Freaking amazing. Why? I HAD FRIENDS FROM TEXAS COME VISIT ME (and Eric)!

Our friends Morgan and Emily made their way up to the east coast for their first Philly trip! Morgan and I have been friends for a while, we met during college when we were seated next to each other in a design class. We quickly became friends and he has been one of my best friends since.
Emily and mine’s friendship is kind of funny. We grew up in the same town, went to rival private schools, went to the same high school, went to the same college, but never met until we started working together in Dallas. And we have so many mutual friends, yet never met! So I am pretty happy that we started working together because Emily is awesome.

Seeing as this was their first time, I wanted to show them an awesome time. There was a lot of food, a lot of walking and a lot of beer drinking.

Saturday morning we started off in Northern Liberties and slowly walked through the city. Eventually we made it into center city and took them to The Good Dog for lunch. They have a new vegan sloppy joe on the menu. Made with lentils and tomatoes.

After walking around most of Saturday we hung out in Rittenhouse and prepared for the hot pickle eating contest. When Morgan and I were in college, we would eat hot pickles during our class break. Not hot temperature wise, but hot spiciness wise. Well eating the hot pickles eventually turned into seeing who could eat it the fastest. What, we were young.
So I challenged Morgan to a contest. I brought the goods.

We got ready to go.

And we were off!

And then I was defeated.

I cried. But then we headed to The Franklin for classy cocktails.

Sunday we did sort of the same thing. I was really surprised when Morgan and Emily said they wanted to go eat at Blackbird, and to try vegan pizza.

They both said the pizza was good, and really like the sausage.

After stuffing ourselves with pizza we walked over to Sweet Freedom for some delicious dessert. Eric and I bought a Groupon last week for Sweet Freedom, and we were pretty excited to use it.

And then we walked some more!

The cold started getting to us, and we decided to head to dinner. We all love Thai food, and figured going to Erawan Thai would be a good idea.

Then after dinner we walked along the Schuylkill and finished our bottle of wine.

Things may have gotten a little silly, but what else would you expect.


6 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. Just want to say: HOT PICKLES nomnomnomnom best ever.

  2. You went to essentially all of my favorite places in that entire city. Must plan return trip for the sole purpose of eating.

  3. I had a piece of cake from Sweet Freedom at a baby shower last week – SO. GOOD. I actually liked it much better than the non-vegan cake, which surprised me. I hear that the cookies are even better – I need to get down there to sample everything.

  4. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    I LOVE the pickle-eating photos!
    The Sweet Freedom desserts look to-die-for; what are they?

    • Hmm Lauren had Magic Bars, both a chocolate and vanilla filled chocolate chip cookie sandwich, and I had a crumb cake of sorts, forget the name though. All delicious but i think the vote went for one of the cookie sandwiches.

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