Anniversary Dinner

Starting today things are going to get a little crazy for a week or two. Eric and I decided we wanted to keep things simple for our anniversary dinner and eat at home. I WISH we had planned a little better and I could have made a way more awesome dinner, but I worked with what we had on hand, and tried to use up some produce.

I made the cornbread biscuits from Vegan Brunch, but I like to put the batter in a mini muffin. But this also makes it really easy to pop two, three, or say five in your mouth.

cornbread muffins

On the side a made a potato salad of sorts. It’s really just potatoes with lemon juice and cumin. Nothing special, but it tasted good and was filling.

potato salad

The other dish I made was balsamic glazed chickpeas and mustard greens, served on top of quinoa. This was a really easy dish to make, but man mustard greens are bitter! I cooked the greens in some olive oil until they were wilted. I then removed the greens and added the chickpeas to the pan to let cook. I poured a hefty amount of balsamic vinegar over the chickpeas, and stirred until the liquid became syrupy.

balsamic glazed chickpeas over mustard greens

I made a really cool dessert, but it was so cool that’s it’s going to get it’s own post!


5 responses to “Anniversary Dinner

  1. I have never successfully cooked mustard greens. Shouldn’t they get kind of tender after cooking?

  2. Yes I have the same question about mustard greens…I have always been scared to attempt cooking them.

    and yes, dessert always warrants its own post!

  3. Dinner looks awesome!
    I’m looking forward to you making me breakfast in a couple of weeks.

  4. Mustard greens should not be bitter. They should be akin to kale but distinctively spicier. Maybe those were no bueno. I have good luck with them when I saute them with something saucy. I make a hot pot with mustard greens, tofu, diced tomatoes and kidney beans and saute them all with the juices for like 10 minutes.
    I think you could cook them also with a bit of veggie broth to soften them up and mellow the flavor. I loves me some mustard greens.

  5. I think mustard greens are really great in potato-white bean soup; the greens spicy and potatoes are really mellow and they just pair well.

    I do what you do with cornbread. it’s dangerous/genius.

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