Photos From The Weekend

Ahhh it’s November 1st! November is going to be a very busy, but exciting month, and I can’t wait!

Eric and I took it easy on Friday. I finished making my Halloween costume and we went to bed early, since we knew Saturday night would be late.

Hmm any ideas what my costume was?
owl costume

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to go PUMPKIN PICKING!! We searched forever to find a good place, and eventually settled on Styer Orchard in Langhorne, PA.

pumpkin picking

It was about a 40 minute drive from the city, but definitely worth it.

pumpkin picking

I was scared that since we waited till the last weekend in October there wouldn’t be any pumpkins left, so I was really excited to see a lot of pumpkins, and good ones at that!

pumpkin picking

We did some searching then eventually settled on one pumpkin.
pumpkin picking

pumpkin picking

I really liked Styer’s Orchard. It was free to ride to the pumpkin patch and we got a medium size pumpkin and 4 small ones for a total of $6!

pumpkin picking

After picking we drove to New Hope, PA to go eat at Sprig & Vine! I have been wanting to eat there for a while, and our anniversary is this week, so we decided to eat an anniversary lunch there. We had always heard that you need reservations, although we weren’t sure if that applied to dinner only. We made reservations for lunch, and I am happy that we did. While it was sort of empty when we arrived, it became packed within half an hour.

Eric ordered the Tempeh Reuben sandwich.

sprig & vine

And I ordered the Edamame Falafel Wrap.

sprig & vine

Both were really good, and some of the best sandwiches/wraps we have eaten.

For desserts we went with the Olive Oil Cake. You can see my hands in the background waiting to dig in. The cake was delicious.

sprig & vine

And our fun adventure did not stop there! After lunch we crossed the bridge to New Jersey to check out River Horse Brewery.

river horse brewery

For $1 you can get 4 mini cups of their beer, and they offer free tours.

river horse brewery

River Horse was the smallest brewery I have been too, but the beer was good, and that’s all that matters! All of their beer is unfiltered and all are vegan, minus the Oatmeal Milk Stout which contains lactose.

river horse brewery

After the tour we went alcohol shopping since it’s cheaper in New Jersey that PA.

The drive home was really pretty, and got me all in the spirit of fall.

pretty fall

pretty fall

We came home with a 6 pack of River Horse.

And a few nice larger bottles.

beer haul from jersey

And then it was time to get ready for Halloween!

I was an owl! I made my own costume and was really proud of it! My usual rules for costumes are that it needs to be warm and I need to be able to ride my bike.


Eric has started a tradition of wearing my ‘slutty’ costumes from college. So this year he was a sexy cop. Except the dress was too short and he had to put on shorts.


We met up with a few friends before heading to the parties.



Then it was party time!





We had a great night but stayed out waaaay past my normal bedtime.

I don’t have too many photos from Sunday because it was full of fail. Eric and I woke up and got ready to head downtown for some shopping. He wanted some running clothes and I wanted a hydration belt. Well we checked out a few places and there was nothing to be found! All the belts I found were in the wrong size, so I didn’t even get to try on one. And then to top off our failed Sunday my bike got a flat tire. So we had to take care of that. Then poof, the day was over with.

Eric was kind enough to change my flat, so I offered to prep dinner. We tried something new tonight and made nori rolls!
I started by prepping cauliflower rice. This was really easy, I just threw it in the Vitamix and let it work it’s magic.

cauliflower rice

And we just used fresh veggies and a ginger cashew cream to complete the rolls.


It other exciting news, today is the first day of VEGAN MOFO!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Eric and I participated last year and it was a lot of fun. Vegan MoFo is Vegan Month of Food. So for all of November we are going to be posting about vegan food. But I kind of want to open it up even more, and want to talk about veganism in general, because it’s not all kale and hemp. So anything in particular you want to see? Anything about veganism you are curious about?


18 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. I always love your weekend posts! Your costumes are great!

  2. Ooo I kinda wanna participate in vegan mofo. Looks like a super cool weekend.

  3. Hahaha, Oh Lord, at least Eric’s a biker so he’s got some legs to show off 😉

  4. i am in awe of your costume awesomeness.

  5. oh man; i bet eric was SO uncomfortable in that costume.
    Your owl outfit is adorable. I had to show it to a friend who loves owls!

  6. You were in my neck of the woods Saturday! I live right around the corner from Styer’s!

  7. I love your costume!! So CREATIVE 🙂

  8. I’m in awe of your costumeness too… and Eric’s security in his masculinity. That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen. LOVE.

  9. OMG, where to start?! Those costumes are fantastic! You are just adorable as an owl, and Eric as a “sexy cop” is fucking HILARIOUS! He reminds me of Dangle in “Reno 911!”

    That looks like such a fun weekend. I didn’t make it to a pumpkin patch this year, which I’m SO bummed about! That beer tour looks like a great time, and that beer sounds yummy!

  10. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Oh my god, Eric’s costume is HYSTERICAL.
    Nice job on the rolls. Love me some cauli-rice!

  11. I think I saw that same bird costume tutorial on a blog. I almost made it 🙂

    I’d be curious to hear about your road to veganism and why you chose that way of life. I’m always looking for meals that are exciting and full of healthy vegetables and not so much of the meat-replacers (tofu, seitan, soy, soy, soy). Even though I do loooove some tasty soy products I hate overwhelming my diet with it.

    • heheh was it some little kid’s costume, cause that’s definitely where i found it. i love making kids costumes.

      good ideas! we will plan on doing some of those. thanks!

  12. That is the cutest, most amazing owl costume EVER.

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