Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA Week 23

Our catch of the week:

3 lbs. Russet Potatoes – certified organic – Millwood Springs Organics


¼ lb. Bag Sweet Habanero Peppers – certified organic – Railroad Organics


2 lbs. Sweet Potatoes – certified organic – Shady Brook Organics


1 Butternut Squash – certified organic – Shady Brook Organics


1 Head Green Leaf Lettuce – certified organic – Back 40 Ranch


1 lb. Sweet Onions – certified organic – White Swan Acres


1 Bunch Easter Egg Radishes – certified organic – Windy Hollow Organics


1 Head Cauliflower – certified organic – Green Valley Organics


For dinner we roasted some of our newly acquired produce from the CSA including squash, cauliflower, leeks, sweet habaneros as well as some squash seeds and some of Lauren’s festive sweet maple glazed roasted nuts (recipe to come soon I promise!) We served these over top some brown rice and I made a quick raw cilantro pesto.

The pesto consisted of hazelnuts, pecans, cilantro, clove of raw garlic, salt, pepper, and some extra virgin olive oil. Like for any of my pestos, I start blending the nuts first, then add the green herb/veggie which in the case was cilantro, then the salt, pepper, and garlic. Next I blend those ingredients while slowly pouring extra virgin olive oil until the pesto has the consistency that I am looking for. Lately I have been making pesto a bit rustic to give it more texture and its takes a bit less time 🙂 Sorry about the photos, its so dark out side at dinner time these days…

My version:





One response to “Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA Week 23

  1. I love seeing your CSA bounty each week! That pesto sounds SO GOOD!

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