Photos From The Weekend

It was a busy weekend, with not much to show for it.

Last week I heard about a tea class being held by City Planter and The Random Tea Room. I’m an avid tea drinker and I jumped at the chance to learn more. The class was held outside and was really awesome. I learned SO much in just the hour.

tea party

We went over more herbal blends then actual teas, and they had all the herbs on hand and we got to pass them around. Here is a small list of some cool things I learned:
There are a ton of hybrids of mint, we got to smell lime mint, mint julep, orange mint, etc.
I got to eat a leaf off of a stevia plant, and it was so sweet. 1 tsp of dried stevia is equal to one cup of sugar.
To dry herbs put them on a screen and in the oven for 2-4 hours at 150 degrees.
Some herbs are more potent when fresh. You can put the fresh herbs in an ice cube tray, fill with water, and freeze them. They can easily be thawed for use.
There are two types of fennel, fennel the produce and fennel the herb.
Ginger is really easy to grow, just grab a root from the grocery store and plant it! It makes a great houseplant because of it’s scent.

tea party

I left really excited about tea and plan on going to The Random Tea Room often, it’s right around the corner!

tea party

I spent the next few hours at home being lazy. I needed to go run but just didn’t feel like it. I was tweeting about my laziness when Krista, of Kristastes texted me and asked if we wanted to run together. Oh the power of social networking for getting my butt out the door!

We ran around the city for a few miles and then ran across the Ben Franklin Bridge! The bridge is a lot of fun to run over, with great views. There is a pretty steady incline, then downhill, then you turn around and do it all over again.

Here is the city from New Jersey.

Running the Ben Franklin Bridge

We stopped on top to take a few photos.

Running the Ben Franklin Bridge

And you bet there was some jumping!

Running the Ben Franklin Bridge

And some jump fails.

Running the Ben Franklin Bridge

I’m going to start incorporating the bridge into some of my shorter runs because of the ‘hills’.

Running the Ben Franklin Bridge

Later in the evening we went to a friend’s going away party. Our friend Erin is moving to New Zealand, how awesome is that?!

We ended up at some dance club, except you couldn’t actually dance. I don’t think I have ever been told before not to dance…

Regardless it was still a fun night.

And then we paid the price of staying out too late on Sunday. There was a lot of napping going on in the household.


napping with my main man

One of the only productive things I did was make scones. And awesome scones at that! There were pumpkin scones with a pumpkin spiced glaze. Recipe can be found here.

pumpkin scone

Before I made these Eric told me he didn’t like scones. And then he ate two.

And then probably the best news of the weekend is I got a new bike! Which brings are household total to 10 freaking bikes. For two people.

new bike

There is actually a method to this madness. I’ve had my current single speed for 4 years, but it’s always been too big for me. It wasn’t a big deal, but we started looking out for smaller frames. Well Eric came across this bike on Craigslist for a really good deal, and we didn’t want to pass it up.
So I have a new bike. I’m going to put my current wheels and seat on it. I will clean up my old bike and sell it. So if anyone wants a SS bike and they are over 5’9″, let me know!


15 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. Yes! Congrats on the new bike! Ten bikes huh? Guess I need to get shopping!

  2. Hahaha, love the jump and jump fail pics! Especially the best one ever ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I think lots of people have told you not to dance before.

  4. I always love your weekend wrap-up posts. I kinda feel like I was there. And what kind of dance club won’t let you dance? That’s crazy. The scones look delicious, and there’s nothing better than a nap with a kitty. I have 6 cats so there’s usually always one available for nap time.

  5. Are you still coming to atx next month?
    Anyway, if and when you come to atx you should try te steeping room. It became my favorite restaurant. Super vegan friendly menu (they have a caesar salad that’s made with cashew cheese dressing!) but they have like a 3 or 4 pg tea menu. It’s nuts and I’m hoping chase and I can schedule a day to go there for tea tasting. Not to mention they actually carry vegan desserts. Anyway, it’s super amazing.

  6. hi! I read your blog and I live in Philadelphia and am over 5’9! and I am looking for a roadbike! Woah! Email me?!!!? Please?!?!?!

  7. No dancing!!! It’s not safe!!!

    p.s. wow. I love you guys and alllllllllllllllll your bikes.

  8. this is the best blog ever! Hi! I’m Kim… I used to live in Lubbock.. I saw a link to your site on Simon Ponder’s blog and now I’m in love! soooo… hope that didn’t creep you out too much. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. yum yum to the scones so excited tomake them

  10. you did jumping running photos without me? i am sad.

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