Photos From The Weekend

Eric and I started off the weekend by grabbing pizza at Blackbird, which is a new pizza shop that serves VEGAN PIZZA. We met up with my friend Alison, who I went to high school with, but sadly I forgot to take a photo from her. Probably because I was too busy stuffing my face and drinking wine.

We ordered half yukon gold and half sausage.

The yukon gold was made for me. I’ve mentioned before that I have never been a pizza person since I don’t like tomato sauce and have never eaten cheese. But put some slices of potato on and I am a happy person.
We both agreed that the pizza is some of the best we have ever had.

After a slightly late night, lots of pizza, and a few drinks, I woke up Saturday morning not feeling my best. Eric had to leave the city to help a friend move, and it was beyond tempting to go back to sleep. But I got my butt up and ran 10.5 miles. It wasn’t the best run, but wasn’t the worst, and I survived.
After a shower, some lounging, and maybe a nap, I, uh, headed back to Blackbird. Obsessed?

Back in August when Eric and I went to Chicago I got to meet up with one of my old internet friends. Well Ramsey was in town this weekend and some people were getting together to eat. I was surprised to arrive at Blackbird a few minutes before they opened and see that there was already a line! Once they opened the place just got busier and busier.

I got the yukon gold again, it was too delicious.

And some fries. Yep, it was a potato kind of day.

The inside is kind of small, so we took it outside.

I honestly can’t remember what I did the rest of Saturday. My legs really started to hurt so I am pretty sure I was on the couch the rest of the day.

Sunday morning Eric and I rode our bikes out to West Philly to have brunch with Juli and Megan. We met up at Local 44, which is where I ate after the last half marathon, but I was pretty delirious then and didn’t remember much, ha.

They have a pretty small, but good, brunch selection with plenty of vegan options.

Not vegan.

We hung out in West Philly for a bit, which is always a new experience, then headed back to our hood.

When Eric was out in the ‘burbs on Saturday he picked up a new Mexican mineral water for me to try. I am obsessed with Topo Chico, but can’t find it anywhere in the Northeast. I keep trying different brands, but nothing compares. Well ladies and gentlemen, we have a contender! This mineral water was pretty close!

Sunday night we watched the Phillies game then came home and crashed.


14 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. Blackbird is such a hit, I am so glad it is doing extremely well.

    I was reading the new Skinny Bitch cookbook over the weekend and there is a vegan kale and potato pizza in it that made me think of you. I scanned it and just emailed you.

    Pizza obsession.

  2. That Yukon gold pizza looks AMAZING! I have never have potatoes on pizza, but now I feel like I am totally missing out. I love when my cats act like humans and sleep under the covers like that. So cute! 🙂

  3. is blackbird by the slice and by the entire pie?

    love the last picture….those guys are getting silly over there

    • They do by the slice and by the pie. When I went Friday night they didn’t have very many slices, but Saturday they had a lot more and I bought just a slice.

      I think it’s the changing weather, it makes the cats go crazy.

  4. ha, we went to brunch at somnio’s and it was probably one of the worst dining experiences i’ve had in a long time. who would have thought that what i got at the veg place i could have easily gotten at the burger joint down the street.

    • Ah that’s a bummer. Um you need to get back up here soon to eat, there are a lot of really awesome new places.

      • I agree. I hope we can plan a trip or something. I’m starting my grad school search and since I’ll probz do some campus visits, then maybe Philly can be a detour. haha

  5. yay, pizza! it was nice running into you on saturday!

  6. That pizza looks amazing – def. will need to check it out next time. Your cat in bed – that kills me – love it!

  7. looks so yummy seems like your friends love the outdoors and food also loveyou have a great day

  8. potato pizza = ❤

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