Some Sweet Eats and Halloween Treats

Last Saturday Sabrina hosted a few local bloggers for an afternoon sweets party. You should definitely check out her blog for a better explanation, but I wanted to share a few photos from the afternoon.

Bloggers in attendance:

I was really excited to attend because Sabrina is well known for her excellent entertaining skills, and she did not disappoint! She was a wonderful hostess.

She has a wonderful selection of desserts and fruit, and even had some vegan cupcakes and ice cream for me.

Once we all had a great sugar high she put us to work on our afternoon activity. We carved oranges! How cute is this idea…you carve an orange just like a pumpkin, and then use a cinnamon stick has the stem.

Everyone’s jack o lanterns turned out great and it was a ton of fun.

Thanks again Sabrina for the wonderful party!


9 responses to “Some Sweet Eats and Halloween Treats

  1. Thanks for the compliment!

    Your jack-o-lantern was the best one. You’re so creative! Love it, and thanks again for coming!

  2. Looks like a ton of fun! Who would’ve though to carve an orange, how creative 🙂

  3. some pretty girls in your bloggers support group. may need to fly to philly :-p

  4. Carved oranges, I love it!

  5. You blogger girls just have too much fun-Keep it up

  6. Such a fun day! I can’t wait for many more fun meet ups in the future!

  7. The orange jack o’lanterns are amazing and cute!

  8. So fun! I love those carved oranges.

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