Photos From The Weekend

Finally a weekend that actually felt like a weekend!


Friday afternoon and evening was like two big giant circles. Eric got home from work and we headed to Cantina for the usual happy hour. Beers and chips and salsa were consumed. It was a rough week, and this was very welcome.


After happy hour we stopped by The Foodery to pick up some pumpkin beers.

the foodery

I created my own six pack of a few fall beers.

beer from the foodery

beer from the foodery

We hung out at home for a bit, then we RETURNED to Cantina. We met up with our buddies Juli and Megan. Megan is leaving us in three weeks for Virginia. Tears will be shed.


Oh and after Cantina we went back to The Foodery. And then we all went back to our house.

And then things got a little nutty. Before you watch this video I think you need some background information. Eric has a British friend who informed us of European dance style called jumpstyle. YouTube it. Seriously. So we were watching some jumpstyle videos, then decided we needed to learn how to jumpstyle. Then we spent the next hour or so practicing and then recorded ourselves.

So I present to you, Eric, me, and Juli doing jumpstyle.

Don’t laugh too much.

Saturday morning we woke up to a brisk chill in the air. I think fall is officially here and I welcome it with open arms. I hung around the apartment most of the morning, and then went to a really cool event/activity in the afternoon that I will blog about later this week.

I got home a little before dinner and then spent the next two hours trying to decide if I wanted to cook dinner or go out to eat. Laziness got to me and Eric and I headed out on the bikes to dinner. We went to Erawan Thai which is always good.
Eric ordered a potato curry, which was delicious. It was really spicy!

thai food

And I ordered the usual basil fried rice.

thai food

Erawan is BYOB, but we didn’t finish all of our beers. On our way home we decided to stop and hang out on the Schuylkill Banks to finish it. It was really nice outside, chilly, but not unbearable.

hanging on the schuylkill banks

We had a really nice view of 30th Street Station.

hanging on the schuylkill banks

And this might be my new favorite photo of Eric. He looks so handsome!

hanging on the schuylkill banks

Sunday morning we were up bright and early! We bundled up (no seriously, we had on gloves, scarfs and hats) and rode our bikes to South Philly to check out Grindcore House. Grindcore House is a new-ish coffeeshop in the Pennsport neighborhood THAT IS COMPLETELY VEGAN!!! How awesome is that?
Eric and I never go to coffeeshops because we don’t drink coffee. And tea in coffeeshops usually sucks and I can make it at home for a lot cheaper. So I was really excited when I heard about an all vegan coffeeshop opening, especially one with a punk/anarchist/hardcore flair.

Eric ordered a hot chocolate, and I have never seen that much attention to detail put into hot chocolate before.

grindcore house

They serve loose leaf tea, which I definitely don’t mind shelling out the bucks for.

grindcore house

There is a small bookcase that provided us with great reading material during breakfast.

grindcore house

Grindcore House is supposed to get a full menu soon, but for now they have bagels, breakfast pastries and some desserts.
Eric and I ordered our bagels as soon as the morning batch was delivered. Bagel toppings include butter (Earth Balance), different cream cheeses and hummus.
Eric’s had an everything bagel with jalapeno cream cheese.

grindcore house

And I had a sesame bagel with hummus.

grindcore house

We hung out for a while, and eventually ordered a cinnamon roll.

grindcore house

Since we were up so early, we had the rest of Sunday to hang out! We stopped by the grocery store on our way home. Came home to find a cat in the sink!

Stopped by our local bike store and picked up some fenders for my single speed. It rained all last week, and is supposed to rain all this week, and since I commute by bike now, I figured I should invest in some.

new fenders on the bicycleta

I also used my hair dye from Lush, full review coming later this week.

chopping up hair dye

For dinner I had one thing on my mind, one thing I had been craving for a week, Squash Pizza! I wanted to have a dinner to celebrate October and figured using up our squash would be great. But then I took it a step further and used a pumpkin pizza dough recipe. The recipe can be found at (never home)maker. This dough recipe is on point and turned out amazing.

pumpkin pizza dough

pumpkin pizza dough

Pizza topped with squash and cashew cheese.
Squash Pizza

We also made the pumpkin garlic knots, which turned out amazing. I thought they tasted exactly like Papa John’s breadsticks dipped in the garlic butter (which is vegan by the way!).

Pumpkin Garlic Knots

They stayed so fluffy and the garlic was amazing. I will definitely be making these again. Soon.


15 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. It sounds like a super fun weekend! When I saw your dancing video on flickr I laughed soooo much. You all are great!

  2. Amazing pizza! And we should meet up at the cafe in Pennsport one afternoon. I live nearby!

  3. I think we have the same bike fenders. There has been a lack of kitta and grizzles recently, so glad to see them!

    • I know, I know. I realized there had been a lack of cats so I tried to photograph them more this week.
      I might have to start doing a cat photo a week.

  4. I think it was at christmas when you, morgan and your mom were trying to booty dance.

    any video of that? lol

  5. Man do I miss the Foodery. I lived 3 block away last year. 😦 I’ve come to the conclusion that Philly has way better restaurants than DC. Everything here is just a big name with big price tags and little flavor.
    I’m now going jam a jumpstyle to cheer myself up. Love the video and how focused Eric is.

  6. that pumpkin pizza dough is a freakin’ genius idea!!

  7. I approve on the Jumpstyles! And know what you mean about finally having a weekend that felt like one!

    Next ‘big thing’ in youtube dances for you to discover, now that you’ve nailed the Dutch Jumpstyle? The Brazilian Capoeira. Get on that. ( )

  8. Aren’t these fall weekends wonderful? Looks like your beer 6-pack was just perfect to boot. Thank for the info on the new vegan cafe, I’m heading to philly this weekend and I love having new destinations!

  9. our internet dance skillz can’t be beat. p.s. pumpkin/squash pizza looks delicious. i’ll understand if you find the need to invite me over the next time you make this.

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