Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA Week 19

The CSA seems never ending, right? And we still have 9 weeks left!

This week’s bounty is pretty small because I traded out a few things for repeats of what was already in there. But everything we got I am really excited about, because they are all some of my favorite foods!

1 Head Green Romaine Lettuce – certified organic – Bellview Organics

1 Bag Sweet Potatoes (2lbs) – certified organic – Pine Hill Organics

1 Carnival Acorn Squash – certified organic – Elm Tree Organics

1 Bunch Red Beets – certified organic – Farmdale Organics

One of the coolest things about the CSA is learning what foods are local to your area, and at what time of year. We received a bunch of lettuce at the very beginning, back in May, but I had no idea there would be fall lettuce!
And we have about 5 squash heads on hand right now, so there is going to be a lot of squash eating this week!


7 responses to “Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA Week 19

  1. We are trying to join a CSA for next season- watching what you get each week makes me sooooo excited!

    • oh my gosh, you will love it if you join one! it’s so much fun. i can give you more info about ours if you want, they do deliveries all over the city, so it’s really convenient to pick it up each week.

  2. Your photos are always so lovely. I am to the point where I have to force myself to use up all my CSA stuff. Sometimes, I get more than I can handle!

    Lauren–it was great to meet you at the Half and congrats on your finish! I am taking a few weeks off from running. In addition to my 3 injuries, I now think I have peroneal tendonitis….ugh!

    Eric: Would love to see the pics…I think! (Would have loved to have met you, too!) My email is

    Enjoy your veggies, guys!

  3. Def do the coconut curry if you have some butternutters. I am obsessed with it if you couldn’t tell haha!

  4. I am hoarding my squash! 😉 I am waiting for a new fridge/freezer so I have not made soup yet, hence the hoarding. I love that we gett greens twice a year. The romaine has been SOOO good! I can’t get enough salad these days.

  5. it is so great to see what amazing things you get from the CSA! I am jealous 🙂 There is a very small farmer’s market here once a week but that’s about it. Other than that, the nearest health food store/ store that carries half the products I want that is larger than my bedroom is over an hour away…

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