CSN Stores Giveaway Winner + Weekend Recap

Sorry for no post yesterday, I dragged Lauren on a bit of a trip this weekend to a car show and got back late. Lauren usually does the weekend recap, but I decided to take the reigns for this one.

For the last few weeks some friends and I have been working on an engine swap into a Volkswagen Polo imported from Greenland. We wanted to get it ready for a car show this weekend, H2Oi, the biggest Volkswagen/Audi show in the US.

Unfortunately the trip down took a bit longer than expected due to some complications… I’ll spare you all the details but a trip that is normally 2.5 hours, took around 10.



Lauren not looking too pleased 🙂


Unfortunately we drove three of the most UNreliable cars to the show, my BMW 2002, the Greenland Polo and a right hand drive Polo…straight off the boat from England.


We worked long into the night at Lowe’s after some other mishaps.


Finally we decided the Greenland Polo was good enough to make the rest of the trip. It drove, just spewed a bit of white smoke.


We finally made it in about 10 hours later and were ready to go to the show in the morning. Lauren was really excited about the right hand drive Polo…I see a right hand drive car in our future :-).


Ran into some friends at the show and had to get a few more photos of the mustache with my buddy before its beard season.


More or less the only reason Lauren wanted to go to the car show was for the home made chips.


And of course a car photo or two from the show. Overall a good time was had, a bit more hectic than any of us wanted but it was to go get away.




Also, we have a winner for the giveaway! The winner of CSN Store Give Away is Elaine from Clothed Much. Thanks for everyone who participated and especially to the CSN stores for presenting us with this give-away!

Picture 7


2 responses to “CSN Stores Giveaway Winner + Weekend Recap

  1. poor lauren….that does not look like a fun getaway…

  2. Your adventure looks crazy and fun!

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