CSN Stores Giveaway!

Well we have some big news over at this ol’ blog today…our FIRST GIVEAWAY!

Yep, that’s right, Goodbye Texas, Hello PA is giving away a $45 CSN gift card! CSN Stores is compromised of over 200 different shopping sites, and you can find pretty much anything. You could find a brand new coffee table, or how about a wine refrigerator, or even an outdoor firepit for your back porch!

Don’t believe us? Well this household picked out a few items we would put a $45 CSN gift card towards!

From the CSN Tools site, Eric found a new cordless power drill, the Hitachi 18V Li-Ion Hammer Drill. He has been wanting/needing a power drill for a while for some DIY projects around the house as well as some car work. Game on!

Picture 3

From the BeddingAndMore site, Lauren would choose a new sheet set. They carry DwellStudio, how awesome is that!

Picture 2

And don’t forget about your furry friends, they even have sites full of pet supplies.

Kitta Marie said if she won she would pick out a KittyPod from AllModernPet. She loves the hot pink faceplate, and can’t wait to dig her claws in.

Picture 6

We caught Grissom checking out the PetsByCSN store where he found drinking fountain.

Picture 4

So how do you win the $45 CSN Stores Gift Card! Leave us a comment below telling us which item from CSN Stores YOU would like! It could be anything from any of their stores. And I’m sorry international readers, this is open to US and Canadian residents only.
The deadline to enter is Friday, September 24.


48 responses to “CSN Stores Giveaway!

  1. Hi Lauren & Eric! Love your blog. This is actually my first time commenting on a post.
    I just purchased my first home in Fishtown and I close on the house in 3 weeks. The house is small (I say cozy), however, it has a terrific outside area. I’m planning on having a house warming party after I move in and get settled and because of limited space, will need to have people outside. Since this will not be until late October, I plan on purchasing a fire pit. I found exactly what I am looking for on CSN:
    This will be perfect for my outdoor space and will help me to utilize it for as much of the year as possible.

    Thanks for the terrific blog!

  2. I would love to have some glass food storage as I’m trying to get away from any more plastics in my house.

  3. I want a little Tykes Police car for my son


  4. I’d want this toilet for the new house: http://www.csnstores.com/Kohler-K-3723-KOH14285.html

    It’s dual flush so the yellow can mellow and the brown can go down!

  5. They have so many awesome things! I would probably get a new sheet set for my bedroom. 🙂

  6. I would finally buy a food processor. Mine got lost in the move and making pesto in a blender is NOT fun. Congrats on the first giveaway!

  7. Yay! I would buy one of their awesome mirrors for our (still after one year) naked walls!

  8. I’m looking to invest in a food processor, so this would be great!!

  9. I would get this hammock stand http://www.everyhammock.com/Bliss-Hammocks-BHS416-BLS1032.html I really need one!

  10. I am in desperate need for rectangular glass canisters. We have so little storage in our kitchen I need every little but and round ones leave space.

  11. Hey, I love your blog! If I won the giveaway, I would buy some different size spring form pans (nom nom raw cheesecake), specifically this cute heart-shaped pan: http://www.csnstores.com/Frieling-Z3743-FLG1670.html. I would also get some glass canisters for food storage. I really need to organize my kitchen! A cast-iron pan would be great as well, but that’s probably out of my price range.

  12. I want to stock up on blank cds cause it kind of goes with my job.I master peoples music and I need lots of cheap cds to use and discard all the time.

  13. I would like a Pride Mobility Virtory 10 3-Wheel Scooter, because I’m finding I fall off my Segway too easily.

  14. I’d use it toward a guidecraft kitchen helper. Thanks for the chance!

  15. I’d love to get a dwell studio duvet cover. great stuff!

  16. If I win your contest I’ll buy a handful of cat scratchers and place them all around my apartment. Then I’ll finally know if my kitties simply ingore their EmoryCat because they didn’t like the TV commercial or if they have disdain for all scratchers, which are likely inferior to my carpeting, couch arms and bathroom door frame.

  17. I would love to buy decorative sofa pillows!

  18. Um; that pet water fountain is amazing. WANT!!

  19. the cats want the pet fountain…i would like a new food processor

  20. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Congrats on the first giveaway!
    I’m still badly in need of a juicer, so I’d put the $45 towards a nice one.

  21. Yay, giveaway! I’d go for an immersion blender… or maybe a juicer.

  22. Pick me!!! Chuck & Amelia would love that cat scratcher & water thingy. Pleeeeaaaassseee.

  23. I need some new home decor in my life! I have my eyes on a few of the pretty rugs but there are also some wall hangings which would make me happy too! Great giveaway!

  24. I’d apply it towards a radian 65 car seat!
    janel_marie at yahoo dot com

  25. I want the Lipper International 25″ W Desk with Chalkboard Top & Chair in Pecan – 554P

  26. Welding Supplies! Count me in.

  27. Of course I had to go right to the kitchen supplies… There’s so much to choose from that I can’t make up my mind right now, but this caught my eye:


    I’ve needed/wanted a cast iron skillet forever!

  28. Definitely an ice cream maker, I have been dying to try my hand at delicious vegan ice creams and sorbets!!

  29. zomz is on travel team and i have been desperately wanting a pet carrier to put her on biking team with the rest of the fam. fatty zomz will not look sad like the dog in the picture though.

  30. I would buy the Emerilware cast iron dutch oven. My bakeware collection currently consists of one rusty cookie sheet and a glass baking dish my mama gave me a few years back.

  31. I’m thinking Christmas for my 4 kidlets. A cozy coupe, or some Melissa & Doug toys!

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  33. Definitely some sort of ice cream maker or ice pop maker!

  34. That is soo fun that you and Monty are doing a giveaway!! I totally want to be a part of it though and my kitties are loving the toys on the csn website!! I’m thinking Grendel is liking the toy section and picked out the electronic mouse chase toy, while Matilda is diggin’ the Peek-A-Prize cat toy box!!! Best of luck to everyone else!!! We miss you guys…visit TX soon!!

  35. I would buy a remote control helicopter.

  36. or maybe a KittyPod.

  37. I would definitely pick this dog bed – my pups are don’t like to lay on the cold wood floor so they either try to steal the couch or I lay down a blanket on the floor for them.


  38. i would definitely buy new sheets!! i had to throw a set away recently because my cat barfed on them and it didn’t quite wash out. sad but true. sorry if that was gross..

  39. My fiance would like to get a boxing bag from CSN stores. We were looking at them online and they have a good selection.

  40. Well, I know my cat MAXX would really love the little water fountain thing…. that would be cool for him. Or I could use it for just about anything right now….

    PICK ME ,,,PICK ME…..

  41. I would love some new throw pillows!

  42. I would love a velometer! My crummy old watch is just not cutting it anymore during my runs! Good luck to everyone

  43. Great giveaway! I would choose the Mikasa Cake Server Set for our upcoming wedding!


  44. I’d buy a digital kitchen scale!

  45. I love your blog. I would like the new drill, like the one Eric wants. Thanx

  46. Rose Marie Spradling

    I was amazed at all the different items your store has to choose from! Of course I always need something to improve my decorating skills so I would be applying it to things for the home should I win.
    Good luck to all!!

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