Photos From The Weekend

You know what, this isn’t the typical photos from the weekend. You wanna know why? Because I barely took any. It just wasn’t that kind of weekend.

Instead I am going to show you a bunch of photos of food. I usually have a pizza craving once a week. I finally gave it and made us pizza this week. Arugula, sweet potato and squash.
Squash, Eggplant, Potato and Arugula Pizza

Squash, Eggplant, Potato and Arugula Pizza

I have also been obsessed with squash lately. Eating atleast once a day, sometimes twice.

Acorn Squash

We have been getting a lot of okra in the CSA, and this week I decided to bread and bake. Trying to keep it slightly healthy over here. I coated the okra in an Ener-G wash, then come cornmeal. Turned out amazing.

Breaded and Baked Okras

On Friday I met up with Leslie and Melissa for lunch at Mugshots. I did actually order food, but I only took a photo of the vegan German chocolate cake I ate. I thought they got their desserts from Vegan Treats, but I’ve had Vegan Treats German chocolate, and this wasn’t it. Still good though.

Then yesterday at Whole Foods I did something I haven’t done in years…bought a candy bar. I got suckered in at the checkout line and just HAD to purchase this vegan bar.

It was good though. Reminded me exactly of an Almond Joy.

Finally, for Sunday night dinner we made millet stir fry! It was so good. Millet is definitely our new ‘go to’ grain. Toasting it before hand makes it so much more amazing.

Ok, ok, the weekend wasn’t a total bust, Eric actually did his 2nd bike race! I didn’t go because it was raining, I had to run 7 miles, and had to do school work and work work, which explains the lack of photos.

Sorry for two people talking in this post, hope its not too confusing, but I (Eric) thought I would give a quick recap of the race.

I had got talked into doing my first bicycle race a few weeks back but it didn’t really go as I planned. I learned a great deal which was mostly about saving yourself till the end and having good position for the sprint. So Sunday I went out with a few friends for my 2nd race, but this time it was a 24 mile road race. The weather Sunday was overcast and raining and to me, the thought of first time racing with 50+ people on wet, leaf covered roads, was more than a bit daunting. The course was two laps around the 12 mile figure “8” so there was very little time to learn the turns/get use to anything. The roads themselves were very pothole ridden and it was a fairly hilly course which I kind of liked. My only goal was to stay and finish with the pack.

Its really surprising how fast time goes by and before I knew it the pack went from 50+ to ~15. I had envisioned a buddy or two would be around so I could help them to victory since I’m no much of a sprinter (yet), but unfortunately this wasn’t the case. As the last up hill section came and we rounded the corner I saw people cheering at the finish line. I hoped on the back on another rider’s wheel and tried out this sprinting thing. Luckily I was in good position and was feeling good until I got passed at the end for 3rd… I felt it slip through my hands but had no more in the tank. I cant complain on 4th but it would have been nice to have gotten some podium action, especially since it was the PA state road racing championship. Game plan is to start actually training for next season, I think I have the bug. Oh and they even take photos if the finish is too close. Me in 4th : )



7 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. The GoMaxxGo candy bars are delicious. My favorite is the Jokerz(vegan snickers)

  2. Ooh, yum that pizza looks delicious. I love anything with arugula on it! I really need to find those vegan candy bars now! 🙂

  3. That’s an interesting way to do okra. Sounds delicious! That pizza also looks very innovative and yummy. I can’t wait to start doing some pizzas.

  4. What dough recipe do you use? I kind of love the Peter Reinhardt pizza dough recipe buy have yet to try it with whole wheat flour.

    • I use an alton brown one from food network. I like it a lot. This time I did half white whole wheat and half spelt. Eric didn’t like this, but I did.


      • I tried making spelt crusts once and I disliked it as well.

        Nnnoooo I haven’t. I know there is a price jump soon If not already but I just want to make sure I can actually do it. I know I will though but I’m just trying to reach ten miles before I do it. I wish you all were coming to atx te next week so we could all do warrior dash! Some of my friends are coming to do it and I think chase is goin to do it as well!

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