Photos From The Weekend

Our holiday weekend started off bright and early with me waking Eric up to go run! The half marathon is in two weeks, and I wanted to do a ‘dress rehearsal’ of sorts. I bought a new shirt recently and wanted to try it out, and I also wanted to run with the camelback again, to see if I wanted to wear it during the half.

The run was very successful though. We finished under two hours, and I had plenty of energy at the end. I think I will be able to push myself a lot harder during the half, and maybe get a better time?

Half Marathon 'Test Run'

After the run we were just hanging out, being bored, then made the executive decision to head to NYC. $10 and a two hour bus ride later, we were in NYC!
On our way up we made reservations at Candle 79. We arrived a little early, so Eric and I took a walk through Central Park.

Central Park

Finally it was time to eat, I was getting really hungry from running all those miles earlier.

Candle 79

They have some pretty interesting cocktails on the menu, so Eric and I each got one and shared.

Candle 79

Candle 79

Candle 79

They brought us some fried rice ball type of thing that was really delicious. Although I think at this point I would have eaten anything.

Candle 79

And we ordered the polenta fries for an appetizer.

Candle 79

For our main courses I ordered the Moroccan Chickpea Cake. A little out of the ordinary for me, but I enjoyed it.

Candle 79

And Eric ordered the Caribbean Jerk Tempeh.

Candle 79

After dinner we went to meet up with some friends which included expensive beers, karaoke, and the best falafel I have ever eaten.
We didn’t get to bed until about 3 am, which is about 6 hours past my normal bedtime. We had plans to meet some friends for brunch in Brooklyn, but wanted to eat something light to hold us over.
Well ‘eat something light’ actually turned into a full on breakfast. We headed to Curly’s Vegetarian, which we had tried once before and loved.

Curly's Vegetarian

Eric ordered a milkshake, yep keeping it light…

Curly's Vegetarian

I ordered the pancakes, the fresh fruit was really good too!

Curly's Vegetarian

And Eric went with a quesadilla special.

Curly's Vegetarian

We tried to have portion control since we knew we would be eating again soon.
After breakfast number one we headed to Brooklyn to eat at Boneshakers.


The menu looked really awesome, but I was so full from Curly’s.


Eric ordered a peanut butter cookie, that was out of this world. I ordered a hummus bagel that I stuffed in my purse to save for later.


It was a really cool place and I wish Philly had a good equivalent (maybe the new vegan coffeeshop will be similar?).



After breakfast number two we walked around a bit, and did some modeling with graffiti.

Kisses for Breakfast

Young Meat

The Eraser

We went back to Manhattan and decided to check out The Highline. It’s an elevated park on the West side. It was pretty cool, but really, really crowded.

The Highline

So we headed to another park on the Hudson.
Hudson River

Hanging by the Hudson River

Hanging by the Hudson River

We were walking around all afternoon and next thing you know, we are all starving (plus it was dinner time). I decided to grab food from One Lucky Duck because I have always wanted to try it. I ordered a raw oreo and Thai rolls.

One Lucky Duck

The food was good, but really expensive.

One Lucky Duck

Eric grabbed some food at Viva Herbal Pizzeria.

Viva Herbal Pizzeria

And then we took the late night Chinatown bus back to Philly.

We had off work on Monday, and the weather was gorgeous. Eric, Juli and I planned on a small picnic over on the Schuylkill River. Some hummus, pita, chips, salsa and beer were in order.

Schuylkill River Picnic

Schuylkill River Picnic

Schuylkill River Picnic

We stopped by Lloyd Hall before riding home and got to witness roller-skate dancing. It was pretty epic, and a nice way to end the weekend.

Lloyd Hall


10 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. I’m spying your runner’s watch. I’m kind of new to running and all they had in the local store was a GPS watch for $200. Any suggestions on simple devices for tracking mileage?

  2. I was just reading about Candle 79 last night! I’d love to go. Isn’t it great that NYC is such a cheap and close ride away?

    Good luck with the half marathon!

  3. Love the graffiti pics! Your Moroccan cake looked amazing. It make me crave some chickpeas. 🙂

  4. I love your graffiti pictures too! Looks like such a fun and yummy food-filled weekend. I did a ‘trial half’ on Friday after work (on kelly/w. river) and finished just under 2 like you kids. Want another race running buddy for the 19th?? 🙂

    • do you want to run it together? or atleast some, or atleast try? i am totally down! you are a little bit faster than me, so it will be good and i can push myself!

  5. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    So cool that you can just hop on a train and land in NYC shortly thereafter.

  6. What a great, strong run!!! Wonderful job — best of luck with the half!

  7. Yay! You guys managed to hit some of my all-time favorite spots in the city!
    I really wish One Lucky Duck was less expensive, I’d go a lot more often. And now I’m craving a slice from Viva Herbal 🙂

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