Raw Can Roll Cafe + car work?!

While Lauren was running this weekend I headed out of the city to meet up with two friends to get some car work accomplished. The goal was to get the engine in on the Greenland Polo, but a few parts were still unordered so we tackled some other projects. One of which was to fab up some mounts and install new seats into my other girlfriend, Bianca. Yes shes a bit older, and yes maybe a bit rusty around the edges, but shes a champ.


You can see here that both Lauren and Kitta enjoy the new seats.


So while I was out of the city my friend had mentioned a very new raw place up by him. A raw place in Douglassville? this seemed a bit odd but I am always in to trying a new vegan cafe, especially raw. It is called Raw Can Roll Cafe and is located in Douglassville PA. Also big thanks to Ben for letting me steal his camera to take a few shots at the café!




I love the quick service at raw cafes, no long waits for food to cook, rather instant gratification.


Jamie was first to order and went with the olive burger with the homemade onion flat bread. While ordering he told the owner he didn’t like vegetables and to hold the lettuce, tomatoes, and onion that accompanied the burger. She was a bit perplexed and asked if he understood this isn’t an “actual burger.” He explained he was vegan, just didn’t like vegetables on their own and she became a bit concerned for his well being 🙂 Instead she thought for a second and offered him to top it with salsa and a huge side of hummus. By the way their raw hummus is amazing… def the best raw hummus Ive ever had.


Ben ordered the thai spring rolls, with a tahini ginger dipping sauce and a side of dill marinate cucumbers. He also got the creamy tahini dressing for his salad which we both agreed was extremely tasty.


I never know what to get when I enter new restaurants and usually let someone else pick for me. So I asked what I should try being that I was hungry and she picked the delicate pasta with half alfredo and half tomato basil sauce. Like most raw pastas it was fresh spiralized zucchini and I went with hummus and a salad with a balsamic vinaigrette as a side.


Before leaving we wanted to pick up some dessert to go. We talked to the owner for a bit before ordering and asked the real question, why Douglassville??! She explained they never had given that area much of a thought but when they check out the yoga studio next door (that they also run) they knew THIS WAS IT! The owner and her husband were so so nice with offering us the opportunity to try anything we were unsure about and even made us a smoothie to try called Love Potion #9, which had chocolate, banana, almond milk & vanilla. This may have been one of the best smoothies I had in a long long time… They even have their home made crackers out to sample at the counter so you could try them before buying a bag. Over all the quaint new raw/vegan café is a must try if your ever in that neck of the woods, actually its well worth the trip. The foods light and refreshing and the staff is cheery, helpful, and actually nice fr a change (which is a change of pace from the city.) I guess my only complaint is that its not closer to the city!

Oh and I couldn’t go home with out treats for Lauren now could I? I picked up some coconut blonde vanilla & cacoa almond macroons. They were fantastic.


And at the end of the night after the car work was completed Jamie’s wife Laura also gave me some fresh baked chocolate chunk cookies to take home for Lauren. Its great having vegan friends who do some wicked baking!



6 responses to “Raw Can Roll Cafe + car work?!

  1. How far is Douglassville from Philly!? I want to go here.

  2. Um, so I LOVE the name of your car! Good choice! And those Thai spring rolls and your pasta both look fantastic. Especially that raw alfredo. I can’t believe your friend doesn’t like vegetables though…I, too, am concerned for his well-being.

    • Unfortunately I can’t take credit for the name, that was the car’s name before it was mine. I was discussing it with his wife the other night, but rest assure she has learned to “hide” veggies in his meals 😀

  3. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    That raw café looks like an awesome find!

  4. Haha! I have a vegan friend who doesn’t like vegetables either. I’m perplexed by him. What a random find though!

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