Photos From The Weekend

Eric and I had every intention of hopping on our bikes and riding to South Philly for Friday night’s dinner. But then there was some happy hour, and tv watching, and before you knew it we were tired and just wanted to eat.

We decided to head to A Full Plate, one of our favorite brunch spots.

It’s BYOB and has some patio seating, which is nice.

Eric and I both ordered different veggie burgers, which were both good, but nothing epic.

We also split an order of their fries, which were epic!

And then Friday night came to an early end.
I am still half marathon training, which is going great, but I have to plan my weekend around it. Which usually means staying in Friday night and getting some good rest.
Well this week’s plan called for 12 miles. But then Leslie told me she was only running 13 miles (ha yeah only…) so I decided to tag along and try to do the entire 13.
We wanted to change things up this week and met at her apartment to to do some trail running at Wissahickon Valley Park.

Wissahickon Valley Park

Running on the trail was really nice because it went along a river and was completed shaded.

Forbidden Drive

I am so happy to have Leslie has a running buddy. She is great to talk to and she also has such great energy and enthusiasm while running.

Forbidden Drive

We came across a restaurant in the middle of the trail, which was a nice pit stop.

Forbidden Drive

I carried my camelback for the first time and LOVED it. I might even use it for the half marathon so I don’t have to worry about water stops.

Forbidden Drive

I had previously mentioned to Leslie that at some point after the half marathon I wanted to run 15 miles, just because it seemed cool. Well we reached the turnaround point of 6.5 miles, but decided to keep going till the end of the trail. We hit the end at a little over 7, and that’s when upping the run to 15 became a reality. Was I really going to run 15 miles?
The craziness didn’t stop there, because Leslie decided to up her run to 20 miles. So mine went 12, to 13 to 15. And her run went 13 to 15 to 20.

Forbidden Drive

The run was definitely tough, physically and mentally, but I never felt like I couldn’t finish. I think having a running buddy helps you so much mentally.

Forbidden Drive

We might have done a few laps around the parking lot to hit 15, but I did it! We finished in about 2 hours and 21 minutes!

15 miles complete

I had some dirty ankles at the end.

Dirty ankles

And then I came home and did what any sane runner does, take an ice bath! Kitta Marie was concerned. I think this is probably what was going on in her end…
“Mom…WHAT are you doing in there? There is ice. Are you crazy?!”

“You’re scaring me Mom. Why would you sit in ice? It’s cold!”

“Ok, I think I will observe from a safe distance.”

After showering I ate then passed out for a long time. 15 miles takes a lot out of you!
But when I woke up I had only one thing on my mind, cake. Apparently Leslie was thinking the same thing, hah.

I made a chocolate cake that my friend Amanda had actually made at our going away party. It turned out fabulous, and hit the spot!

I tried to walk around some, but was really just tired, so I think this explains how I spent my Saturday night.

I woke up starving on Sunday morning, and got to work making pancakes. I definitely end up feeling the hunger the day after my long run.

It’s hot again in Philly, but Eric and I got out of the house for a bit Sunday and walked around Old City then headed to the grocery store. We invited Josh and Kelly over and whipped up some quick veggie burgers. It wasn’t a fancy, or glorious meal, but it hit the spot and I hope they enjoyed their burgers.

The trade off for feeding them was we got to go to their apartment and watch True Blood and Iron Chef. Did anyone else watch the vegetarian Iron Chef? Anyone else confused why they let her use marshmallows? They even mentioned gelatin earlier in the episode, and how it wasn’t allowed, but then she used marshmallows?!


16 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. Iron Chef was a big letdown but I guess the mantra is “baby steps…”

    Couldn’t have had better company, veggie burgers, and cake + macaroon desserts in one night.

  2. All those miles = fabulous job!! I want to run with you gals soon πŸ™‚ And I LOVE YOUR CAT PICTURES! The sink pic cracked me up. Too cute!

    • yes! let’s do a run. leslie is going to be gone this weekend, and i may or may not be.
      the weekend before rock n roll i am going to do an 8 miler.
      and after the rock n roll i am going to still be running long distances because i have another half coming up. so let’s plan something!

  3. Go girl!
    That’s really awesome that you ran that far!
    Hope you guys had a great weekend.


  4. Hello πŸ™‚ This is the first time I read your blog (from Leslie’s), I love it!And your kitties are adorable, I have 2 cats me too and they’re my furry babies πŸ˜‰ So fun the pic in the sink!One of my two cats has the same terrified look when I shower, she sits there waiting for me to finish and immediately jumps on my lap, I believe she thinks I’m going to melt and disappear Lol

    • thanks for stopping by! i love cats, they provide endless entertainment!

      hahhaha, i know what you mean, mine was meowing the entire time i was in the bath, i think she was scared i was going to freeze to death.

  5. Yay for running buddies!!!

  6. fackkk. come to texas so we can run and work out together and uh go on french fry tours.

  7. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    And you ran those 15 miles with a camera! Even more impressive! :]
    I LOVE the kitty pics! What a sweetie.

  8. The vegetarian Iron Chef frustrated me. First, the ingredient that was chosen wasn’t the most versatile, second the “vegetarian” chef actually eats fish and disses vegans, then there was the fact that her menu relied so heavily on butter. BUTTER?! She’s a chef who owns a restaurant that focues on vegetables…butter makes everything unhealthy.

    BTW: CONGRATS on your 15 miles! That’s incredible and inspirational. Lauren: what kind of running shoes do you buy?

    • Yeah the episode kind of sucked. I feel like there are SO many other veggie chefs they could have used.

      I was really impressed with Morimoto, and I think a lot of his dishes were even vegan!

      Thanks, thanks! Right now I am running in Asics. I like them a lot. I need to get a new pair because these are so worn down.

  9. I think you’re correct; I would say probably 90% of what morimoto served was vegan; or at least dairy free vegetarian. Morimoto did an incredible job and I was glad he won-it’s kind of sad though; that a chef who’s a vegetarian chef for a living couldn’t make better veg food that someone who tends to focus on meat and fish.

  10. I’m a new reader and don’t comment much but the cat pictures are perfect….they kept getting further and further away.

  11. Yay that’s Brooke’s chocolate cake recipe! (getting caught up on your blog today) πŸ™‚

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