A Wednesday Night Stroll

Usually when I get home I open the door to at least one if not two cats begging to go outside. I don’t know where they go but they come home covered in dust and lately gasoline?!

Grissom at his best.


I was home early today for the first time in a while and flipping through the stations and came upon Dr. Phil who was talking about animal abuse and to the guys from the show Rescue Ink. I guess I didn’t know about that show since we don’t have cable but is it any good/worth checking out?

Anyways we wanted a quick dinner to have some time to relax so I cut up some raw veggies and cleaned some cabbage that we got from out CSA.


I also whipped up some basil fried rice with chickpeas, bok choy, green beans, onions, and garlic with a healthy dowsing of sriracha on top.


After eating dinner and watching the new season of Weeds we felt like taking a stroll to get some ice cream at Franklin Fountain. By far the mint chocolate chip is our favorite, but the vanilla and chocolate aren’t too shabby either.



15 responses to “A Wednesday Night Stroll

  1. Your pictures are all gorgeous! And I love how they give you ice cream in a chinese food container lol too cute

  2. If chase and I visit I demand to try the chocolate mint ice cream. That flavor is everything good in the world. I’m very passionate about chocolate and mint in desserts.
    Have you tried adding kale to your fried rice? It’s pretty good.

  3. My mom called me to let me know she’s being inundated with information about animal abuse lately…if Dr.Phil talks about it, she takes it seriously, when I go vegan..she thinks it’s weird? haha. I guess it’s good news that the word is at least getting out there, one way or another.

    The ice cream looks bangin’.

    • Haha love it. Yah im not one to watch Dr. Phil but i got sucked in. Kinda like ive been getting sucked into Big Brother…?!

  4. Ooo I had never heard of Franklin Fountain before. Are the vegan ice creams homemade?

    Rescue Ink is a pretty good show. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I like the idea of tough guys showing that you don’t need to be a pansy to care about animals.

    I had the opportunity to meet the guys at my internship a few months ago, and they were all super cool.

  5. I love those guys from Rescue Ink. There is one in Philly but he was not on the show last season. I have been friends on FB since before he became a member of RI. Really nice guy.
    Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is my favorite ice cream hands down. I may have others but I always go back. I love a sundae with it.

  6. That fried rice sounds delicious! Siracha is my hero…

  7. Ha, I dig the picture of Grissom.

    What’s your recipe for the basil fried rice?

  8. beets! I love beets. I will boil them till their soft, peel off the skins, slice them up, then put rice wine vinegar on them, then eat them with salads or plain.

    I’ve also cooked the up with some oil, garlic, onions, balsalmic, and agave.

    shredded raw on salads/everything is good.

    roasted beets too.

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