Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA Week 13

Lauren was nice enough to pick up the CSA again this week since I had to work late. Sorry for the mediocre pictures, the suns setting a bit earlier these days. She traded out 1 fennel bulb – certified organic – Autumn Blend Organics for another bag of red potatoes – certified organic – Countryside Organics.
3 mixed summer squash – certified organic – Goshen View Organics
1 bag pickling cucumbers – certified organic – Plum Hill Organics
1 bag cippolini onions – certified organic – Deer Hollow Organics
6 ears sweet corn – certified organic – Maple Arch Farm
1 head of cabbage
1 bag red cylindra beets – certified organic – Rolling Ridge Farm. We have SOOOOO many beets… I was thinking a soup with some but not sure what else so if you have any good idea/recipes/want any let me know.


8 responses to “Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA Week 13

  1. Aren’t CSA deliveries the best? It was really interesting putting them together. I love gardening, but the surprise element of the CSA is great!

    • I agree, its always interesting to see what your going to get this week and what you can prepare using those ingredients. Helps you cook outside of your comfort zone sometimes as well.

  2. I had about the same this week but no beets or cabbage. I need to pickle those cukes!

    • Yah I have been needing to pickle some cucumbers, it just never happens for some reason. Well if you need some beets just let me know 🙂

  3. mmm, beets! let’s see, you could slice them thin and make chips (fry or dehydrate), or keep them raw (or roasted) and make some kind of napoleon. also, i love them simply roasted with some olive oil and balsamic and sea salt.

    • Sounds like some viable options to me. I know Lauren has plans to make beet chips in the dehydrator soon so im on board for that. I agree they are really good roasted. Since I rarely run the AC the oven doesnt go on much these days but roasted on the grill sounds like the way to go!

  4. Lovely selection of yummy veggies!

  5. I love our CSA. The meal looks so tasty.

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