Miss Rachel’s Pantry + New Recipes/Reviews

I wanted to start off by saying that we are working on getting recipes up, yes I know we are slackers and keep saying this… but its actually happening this time.

Recipe Page

First up, Raw Edamame Hummus

edamame hummus

Also we are in the process of adding a restaurant page. I feel like its pretty easy to eat vegetarian around Philadelphia but to find a GOOD vegan option can be a challenge. Our goal is to shed some light on the places we dine and what we eat while were there. Through this process I hope people will try new places as well as help us span out and try new restaurant and new items at places we frequent. Also if anyone has any suggestions to restaurant/items we need to try just let us know at hellopa.wordpress@gmail.com since were always looking for new vegan eats!

Restaurant Page

The other day I was lucky enough to have Miss Rachel from Miss Rachel’s Pantry, who is a vegan personal chef/meal delivery & catering co. stop by and hand deliver us a sample pot pie. We both read/enjoy her blog and have been curious to try many (aka all) of the meals she produces since they sound so delicious. Now I have never tried a pot pie before, or any savory pie to be quite honest so I had no idea what to expect.

The pie came in a cute pyrex dish and she instructed me how to bake it off when I was ready to tear into it. After baking and the mandatory pictures were taken, we both dug in. I went for it all and Lauren went after the top of the biscuits. I did mess up a few of the biscuit tops before putting them in the oven… so excuse my lack of care, they were perfect before I got my hand on them! Lauren’s first question was if she would make us just a tray of biscuits 🙂 I will say this was a great break into savory pies. I loved it and can’t wait to try out some more delectable bites from Miss Rachel! I was in a hurry to eat so the photos really don’t do this pot pie justice, but we just wanted to thank Miss Rachel again!








4 responses to “Miss Rachel’s Pantry + New Recipes/Reviews

  1. That pot pie/biscuit topped dish looks AMAZING!!! I looooove pot pie so much. I can’t believe you had never had it! It was a staple in my family while growing up. (Not usually homemade, though. ;))

    • Haha I know I know… I guess I just never grew up with pot pies and theyre a bit hard to find out at a restaurant. It was excellent though and I need to make or get my hands on some more asap 🙂

  2. really glad you guys liked it! the pictures look lovely!

    • Ahh thanks so much again! The pie was amazing. I wanted to leave you a comment on your blog but it never lets me at work! 😦 Anyways we need to do something soon.

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