Photos from the weekend

Eric and I had a good weekend. A really good weekend. We did some activities, but just hung out around the house a lot.
We started off the weekend by going to a first Friday event. Some of our bike friends where putting on a motorcycle/art event, so we cruised our bikes to Fishtown to Liberty Vintage.

First Friday at Liberty Vintage

This place was really awesome. The downstairs was a bunch of motorcycles, seriously, motorcycles everywhere. Then the upstairs was art studios.

First Friday at Liberty Vintage

Beer brought on the back of motorcycles.

First Friday at Liberty Vintage

First Friday at Liberty Vintage

First Friday at Liberty Vintage

Since we were already in Fishtown we headed to Memphis Taproom, which is usually one of our favorite restaurants. Unfortunately we were disappointed in this weeks visit. We sat through most of our meal with empty water glasses and couldn’t ever get the waitress’ attention to fill it up. She wouldn’t ever look at us until she brought us our check and by that time we just wanted to leave. Sucks.

Friday was an early night because I had a 10 miler on the agenda for Saturday morning. I woke up fairly early and had an alright run. Although I started out early, it quickly warmed up and got hot out. I started trying to make deals with myself, saying I would only do 9 miles. Then I decided I would just run home and see where that put me. By the time I made it to our street I was at 9.5 miles and decided to just push myself to 10, running circles around the neighborhood.
My pace was all messed up because my Garmin freaked out when I was running in center city, but I was able to hold a fairly consistent 9 minute mile pace.

After some recovery (shower, food, nap) Eric and I went to our neighborhood farmer’s market to check it out. This past week was National Farmer’s Market week, so we had to celebrate!
As usual, the Piazza had a bajillion other things going on, so we took our photos in these cut-outs.

We did grab some actual fruit and veggies, including blueberries, peaches and lettuce!
Piazza Farmer's Market

Piazza Farmer's Market

Piazza Farmer's Market

We spent the rest of the day hanging out because Eric was doing his first bike race Sunday morning. I convinced him to fuel with my favorite pre-race meal, pizza!
We did things a little different and made a white bean paste to put on top of the dough. It turned out really good.
Bean Pizza

Maybe Eric will post the recipe when he posts all those other recipes he is supposed to. 😉
We also made some basil, mint mocktails to have with dinner.

And then we watched The Men Who Stare at Goats, which might be the worst movie I have seen in a while.

Things got a little crazy later on when I put the catnip on the floor for the cats. Grissom was going at it.

Then I turned my back for one second and this happened.

Leaving the scene of the crime.

Saturday was another early night to get ready for the big race! A few of Eric’s friends started racing this season and have consistently asked him to race with him. Well the pressure finally got to him and he gave in.
Good – the race started at 12:30, so we didn’t have to get up too early.
Bad – the race was a little over an hour away
But I was happy to tag along. Eric has been present at every.single.race I have ever run, and I was more than happy to cheer him on!

I was excited to watch the different cats (categories) and see how their pace was. Maybe next year I will do a women’s race?

Eric did a great job in the race! He never crashed and stayed with the pack the entire time! He even pulled the pack for a few laps.
Eric's first race

Eric's first race

Eric’s friend Jaime placed 3rd! This is him crossing the finish line, neck and neck with another cyclist.

Eric's first race

He even got a nifty trophy.
Jaime took 3rd place!

Across the street from the park where the race was held was The Valley Preferred Cycling Center, aka the velodrome!
A team was practicing and it was really cool to watch them. This place is open to the public and would be really fun to pedal around.

Valley Preferred Velodrome

Valley Preferred Velodrome

After that we headed back to the city to get ready for the work week. I can’t wait for this week to be over, because Friday we are heading to Chicago for the Healthy Living Summit!


15 responses to “Photos from the weekend

  1. i’m just saying…nectarine…not peach

  2. Good for you for pushing through with your planned run. And I know what you mean about the center-city-Garmin-freakout – I love looking down and seeing it tell me that I’m running either an 18:22 or 5:43 pace. Um, not so much. It’s still reliable for overall distance/time, though!

    • i have my garmin set to auto-pause, for lights and such, but when i run through cc it keeps pausing then resuming, over and over. which just means a bunch of beeping.
      so annoying.

  3. Thanks again for coming on Friday.

    You guys are going to really like Chicago, it’s an awesome place!

    • Thanks for putting it on! That place was rad.

    • Yah man, it was a good time. I sent some of the photos we took to my dad and he was pretty siked on them. He wanted to see more harleys though. Yah im excited to explore Chicago, let me know if theres anything I need to do while Im there.

  4. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    I love the idea of a white bean purée on pizza.

  5. Congrats on the first race, Eric! #55 in that first pic is totally riding my bike.

    • Thanks bud. Oh yah? Still been riding a lot? I want to get down there one day and do the Hotter’N Hell 100. The race was fun and I learned a great deal, especially that leading the pack into the sprint is only a good idea if you still have legs to make the whole way 🙂

      • The heat’s been a little oppressive the last few weeks, so I’ve been neglecting the bikes, but I’ll get back after it if we ever get back under 100. HHH is a goal of mine one of these years. Maybe y’all can come down next year and we can get a group together for it! They have a final rest stop at like mile 98 that serves Shiner, so it’ll be like a tasty, beer-flavored carrot dangling in front of us!

      • hah thats nuts… shinner after a hot 98mi is prob not what your looking for. at least its fairly flat though! Im in one of these years. Maybe next?? Laurens got a road bike too, she best get ready 🙂 My buddy has done it the last few years as well, maybe I could see if their shop would loan me a bike for it.

  6. Can I just say, your hair is gorgeous!

  7. Fun stuff!! Congrats to Eric! Very nice!
    And that pizza…. do share the recipe! Yum! The bean topping looks good.

    • Thanks! I kind of adapted the recipe from no meat athlete but will have a rendition up at some point, hopefully soon.

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