An Indian Feast.

Our usual ‘Photos from the Weekend’ post is going to be delayed one day, because we had a very awesome Friday night, which deserved it’s own post.

Friday evening Josh and Kelly invited us over for a Indian feast. They had picked up “The Indian Vegan Kitchen: More Than 150 Quick and Healthy Homestyle Recipes” not too long ago and were cooking through many of the recipes. Lauren and I don’t have much experience cooking Indian food at home, but were intrigued to learn. They had prepped a few things before we came but put us both to work when we arrived which worked out really well.

First off were the samosas. They had made the dough and filling ahead of time they just needed to be roll, cut, filled, packaged, and fried.


They had also prepped a slightly spicy yet flavorful chutney for the samosas, which quickly turned into sauce for everything on our plate : )

I was of little help in the kitchen so I took the roll of bartender and photographer. I’m in the process of learning this cocktail business. Its coming along quite nicely if I don’t say so myself. The two ladies enjoying an excellent summertime gin cocktail.


We didn’t want to come over empty handed so on the walk over we picked up two Indian beers. The Kingfisher was eh, more or less like a Heineken or something to that nature but the Taj Mahal was more intriguing and worth trying.



While I was hard at work on the cocktail station, Lauren was getting to the chickpea curry.



They had also started a mango soup before hand that just required a bit of heat before serving.


The dining table was setup quite nicely with the flat bread and cardamom cookies that were both made ahead of time.


After a few rounds of cocktails we got to eating. First up were the samosas and chutney.



Next up was the mango soup. Being that I’ve never seen Lauren eat soup before, my mind was more or less blown when I saw her digging into the bowl of the mango soup. Im still in a bit of awe…

For the main dish that everyone gave a helping hand to produce, was the chickpea curry over top brown rice. I was a also a bit worried since as you may or may not know Lauren doesn’t eat anything with tomatoes in it… nothing, or at least I thought. This curry like many, used a good amount of tomatoes and onions as the base. Though being this new and experimental Lauren, she dug in (eating around the tomatoes but still!) and enjoyed the dish.

Most people cooking for/eating with Lauren know her likes/dislikes. This was apparent as we walked to dinner that night we ran into a friend who was concerned if there would be anything “mushy” on the menu tonight. I am very proud of all the new foods she has tried the last year and especially like Josh’s position on Lauren’s food repertoire in that he didn’t want to know what she was not a fan of and just wanted to make good food for her to try even if they were out of her comfort level.

Some of us even took the flat bread, curry, rice, and chutney south of the boarder with some sort of tacos? I didn’t know this was a legal move but seemed to work out quite nicely. Anyways onto some photos of the end result.



Oh and lets not forget the cardamom cookies. They were delicate and flaky with just the right amount of sweetness. One of my favorite pieces of the dinner.



Overall we had an excellent night and want to thank them again for having us over. This will hopefully happen again soon with another genre of food/drinks. If anyone in the areas in the mood for some pot-luck action, lets get to it!


12 responses to “An Indian Feast.

  1. what a coincidence- I made Indian food last night too!! I made a similar chickpea dish and a few other things as well.

  2. is that a cilantro chutney? yum

  3. The food looks good. What kind of nut is that in the cookie. Looks like an almond. Mot a fan of almonds.

  4. Nom Nom Nom

  5. I cannot wait to do this again, we really had a swell time and it was exciting to cook with you both. I’ll admit I forgot about the tomato dislike, but I am glad that did not stop you from trying the curry.

  6. those cookies look so good. everything looks good!

    ‘hood pot lucks, yesss!

  7. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Clearly I need that cookbook! Everything looks great.

  8. That looks wonderful! I could eat Indian food all the time! I need to grab a copy of that book!

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