Photos From The Weekend

I woke up fairly early on Saturday morning and got to work in the kitchen making a chamomile lemon poppyseed cake/bread. I had been really excited about this recipe for a while and I am sad to say it was a total fail. Complete fail. I didn’t even take pictures of it I hated it that bad.

So moving on…
Once Eric woke up, and made fun of my gross cake, he made me some cornbread waffles.

Cornbread Waffles

After some digestion, I made my way to the gym to complete 4 miles. Week 1 of half marathon training went well, and I am happy that I met my goals each day.

We did some housework then cruised the bikes to Memphis Taproom. Memphis was holding a handmade market and Eric and I wanted to stop by to check out the goods and say hi to Juli and Abby.

Memphis Taproom Handmade Market

Memphis Taproom Handmade Market

Memphis Taproom Handmade Market

The heat was getting to us, so we headed inside for some eats and drinks. We started with a flight of beer and got Victory Helios, St. Feullien Brune, and the Stone Old Guardian. I am happy to say all three were delicious.

Memphis Taproom Handmade Market

For lunch Eric ordered the Vegan Rooster which is tofu scramble with vegan blood sausage, smoked coconut, roasted potatoes and toast.

Memphis Taproom Handmade Market

I went with the classic veggie burger.

Memphis Taproom Handmade Market

We browsed some more vendors after lunch and picked up some chocolate chip cookies from Deceptive Desserts.
Memphis Taproom Handmade Market

It was my first time having their cookies, and they were good. It seems they have a non-vegan and vegan version of all of their desserts.
Memphis Taproom Handmade Market

It was really hot Saturday and by the time we got home all I wanted was a nap. I fell asleep while watching a movie for who knows how long. Once I woke up Eric and I got to work on coming up with a dinner idea. We both wanted veggies, but something completely different. I went out to the garden to pick some herbs and veggies.



I picked another radish and a baby carrot!
Baby Carrot & Radish

Eventually we settled on corn cakes for dinner. I used a recipe I have used in the past for raw corn cakes, except this time they would be cooked.
It was quite simple, I blended 2 cups corn kernels, 1/4 of a bell pepper, 1/4 C almonds, basil, salt, pepper and cayenne in the food processor.

Vegan Corncakes

It looked kind of gross after being processed. I then poured some of the batter onto a hot skillet and browned each side.
They turned out perfect. Who would have thought this was mostly veggies?

Vegan Corncakes

Eric made us a minty cocktail to go with dinner.
Making Dranks

So Saturday night I was supposed to run a race. As much as I wanted to run it, I just wasn’t up for it. Physically I could have done it, but the race didn’t start till midnight. I knew I would be completely beat and I decided to not run it. Instead Eric and I stayed in and made a few different cocktails.
Making Dranks

Making Dranks

Now don’t think things got all wild and crazy just because we were making cocktails. We tried to stay awake to watch a movie, but our oldness got to us and we were in bed before 11.

Sunday morning Eric had to do some poking and prodding, but he was able to convince me to go on a bike ride. Sundays are supposed to be my ‘rest’ day, but I have a feeling they will turn more into a cross-training day. We rode about 17 miles, which included a pit stop by buy me a bike helmet!

New Bike Helmet

Yes, yes, I know, I know, I should have been riding with a helmet this entire time. But I haven’t been. It’s been on the agenda, we just haven’t had time. So I was excited to buy one today. I didn’t purposefully buy it to match my bike, it just happened that the only one that fit my small head was blue as well.

Once we got home I was starving and scarfed down a veggie pita. I was craving something a little sweet and had picked up some delicious looking strawberries.


But I didn’t stop there. I promptly melted some chocolate to dip the strawberries in.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Perfect dessert.

We had the afternoon completely free, and headed to our local park to hang out.
We brought some brewskies (yes it’s totally legal to drink in our park).
Liberty Lands Park

And some reading material. Eric’s reading Thrive Fitness and VegNews and I am read The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest and Runner’s World. Anyone else reading the Millennium trilogy? All of the books are really, really good.

Liberty Lands Park

We hung out until it got too hot then walked home to get started on dinner.

Our dinner was loosely based on the Baja Tacos from Veganomicon.
First we steamed the tempeh.
Steaming Tempeh

Then marinated it in our beer marinade.
Beer Marinade for Tempeh

Then worked our way down the taco assembly line.
Tempeh Tacos

Tempeh Tacos

Ok question time…Can anyone recommend a good Jersey shore beach? Eric and I want to go to the shore soon, but we don’t have a clue as to what beach to go to!


25 responses to “Photos From The Weekend

  1. i see that pbr can
    anyway…i’ll ignore it
    beach island state park is the idea day trip….immediate outside area is not that beachy…but…you pay to get in (state park) so that includes beach, parking, and showers….minimum food so take your own cooler….no boardwalk so not as much riff raff….other than that long beach island or cape may new jersey if you want to stay overnight….both can be pricey…but nicer than the more bustling spots….

    • I know, I know. But I feel like the flight of beers we had should make up for the PBR, right?

      Cool, thanks for the beach info! We want something kind of chill and a state park seems nice.

  2. i’m reading the trilogy, too, but i haven’t been able to make much of a dent in the hornet’s nest yet. have you seen the second movie yet? it’s on my list…

    how were the cookies?! and the cocktails?

    • I haven’t seen the second movie yet, I was waiting for it to come out on Netflix. Or maybe we can head to the Ritz to see it one night.

      The cookies were good. I feel like they were hard to judge since they had been out in the heat all day, I would love to have them fresh!
      The cocktails were delicious too. That one drink you sent Eric was fabulous.

  3. What are you guys looking for in a beach? If all you want to do is veg and relax on the sand, then I second the Island Beach State Park suggestion from above. The one thing to be aware of is that they have a crazy horsefly population – some days are worse than others, but they have a sign at the entrance letting you know what the day’s fly levels are like, so if they’re horrendous you can turn around 🙂 Personally, I’m a boardwalk kind of person – so I love going to Ocean City. I can only hang out on the beach for just so long before I need to get up and wander around looking in tacky stores and eating caramel corn.

  4. We have a house on the bay in Cape May so I am a huge fan – it is the farthest point South in Jersey but worth the drive (1.5 – 2.5 hours depending on traffic). The downtown/city area is filled with Victorian houses and there’s a boardwalk off that beach. They also have a state park which is free, fly-less and very nice, complete with lighthouse!

    • I’ve heard Cape May is really nice, so I will look into that. Coming from Texas where it takes 5+ hours to get anywhere, 1.5 hours doesn’t seem too bad.

  5. Corn cakes look tasty!

    As for a beach, I suggest Long Beach Island because it’s only an hour away and has really nice beach. It’s has a really chill vibe and non of the boardwalk craziness. There’s also neat veggie cafe called Livin On the Veg in Beach Haven.

  6. I am reading the 1st book in that series. I’m having a hard time getting into the way Steig Larrson writes; but I’m sticking with it because I’ve been told that I’ll get sucked in quickly 🙂
    p.s. those taco’s look delicious!

  7. i have that issue of runners world, I am going to follow the half marathon thing in there once I finish c25k

    • Yeah I was really excited to receive that issue! My plan for SA is kind of all over the place since I am running a half in September, so I will probably just try to keep up with training. I’m not going to run SA for speed though, I want to have fun and take a lot of pictures!

  8. I have been dying to go to the Livin on the Veg cafe, obviously. I haven’t been to Beach Haven but I’ve heard good things…

    Cape May is quaint and quiet – there really isn’t too much to do there except chill out and take photos of pink houses.

    I recommend a day trip, there’s almost no reason to ever stay overnight in Jersey when home is so close…

  9. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Wow, so much good stuff. That Vegan Rooster platter sounds awesome. Your corn cakes and tacos look great, and I love the choice of reading material!

    • Yeah… the winner on the plate is the smoked coconut. Its by far the best thing there 🙂 The homemade toast was also way better than I remembered.

  10. Quick questions: The corn for the Corn cakes raw or frozen? and the almonds raw or roasted salted or roasted unsalted? or should i just experiment? 🙂

    • It was frozen, bit if you have fresh corn I would definitely use it! The almonds were raw. I would put the almonds in the processor first and pulse them till they are almost like a flour. Then add the corn & bell pepper, and probably whatever else you wanted. Then pulse that together. I then threw in a few whole kernels at the end for some more texture.

      I think this is definitely something you could play around with and use different veggies.

  11. Fun weekend!! I love that y’all have a place called the Memphis Taproom. If I ever make to Philly, I’m definitely gonna check that out. But vegan blood sausage? That name sounds gross, but I’m sure it was tasty. Love the tempeh tacos!!

  12. OHH omg! I thought you looked familiar- didn’t realize I’d met you, but knew you were from LBK from your blog!! So weird! I found you through Lives With A Cat’s blog, but I do not know her… Very Small World.
    Well, your blog is great! The corncakes look so good- I’m going to make them ASAP! I might make them as the “first meal” at my new house… I’m moving out of TX with my boyfriend this Saturday- looks like you and yours are having a blast!

  13. I was looking at bike helmets this week too! I was kind of leaning towards the berns helmets but a union jack bike helmet sounds pretty rad. And there is nothing worse than being made fun for bad desserts. Chase never lets down the first time I tried to bake cupcakes and read the recipe totally improperly.

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