Photos from the Weekend

Last week I had to work normal hours, which meant that I had to work till 5 on Friday instead of getting out around lunch. This also meant I got to deal with the wonderful Friday evening traffic, plus beach traffic, plus Phillies traffic. This meant it took me over an hour and half to get home.

Eric and I had been throwing around dinner ideas during the afternoon, but once I realized it was going to take me a while to get home I really just wanted comfort food. Big fluffy tortillas sounded wonderful, and Eric was kind enough to make some homemade ones.

We ate soft tacos and drank PBR for dinner.
soft tacos

After getting sucked in to Wife Swap we realized we were a lost cause for going out and called it a night.
I was woken up bright and early at 6am by a cat who thought it was time to play. I had an 8 mile run planned and decided to get up and get it over with.
It was supposed to be rainy on Saturday, so the first thing I did was check the weather. It said the rain wasn’t supposed to start till noon and I figured I was in the clear. I headed out and it was drizzling, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Then it just got worse and worse. I called it a day at 4.5miles.

Having a rainy Saturday was kind of nice though. It forced us to stay put and just hang out at the apartment. We watched a bunch of Netflix (Lie to Me, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) and baked!
I baked zucchini muffins using a recipe from Vegan Brunch. I’ve got to say, these are delicious! A great way to use up extra produce, and they make a good snack.

zucchini muffins

Eric made coffee cake. It turned out ok, they cake itself is great, but the topping just wasn’t quite right.

coffee cake

It felt like we had all the time in the world on Saturday, so we made our usual pizzas for lunch.
pizza lunch

pizza lunch

Eventually the rained stop and it turned out to be a nice day. Eric and I wanted to go out to dinner, but we have been in a major rut with restaurants. We scoured VegPA and came across Erawan Thai.
Their menu looked very accommodating to vegans and vegetarians. They have an entire veggie menu, and pretty much all the other dishes could be made with tofu and veggies instead of meat.
We rode our bikes down there and were happy to discover that the restaurant was nice and clean, but not too nice…just what you want at a Thai restaurant.
It’s BYOB so we brought this bottle to share.

dinner at erwana

We were torn between the tempura and spring rolls, but settled on the spring rolls figuring they were the better choice.
And they did not disappoint. Although very simple, the taste was good and the dipping sauces were amazing.

dinner at erwana

For dinner I ordered the Basil Fried Rice. It was a huge portion, but very tasty. I wish it would have been spicier though, but that’s only because I love spicy food.

dinner at erwana

I convinced Eric to order one of their curry dishes, mainly because I wanted to try it, heh. We both really liked this dish too.

dinner at erwana

So all in all, I am really happy we discovered a new Thai place to frequent.
After dinner we headed over to the Schuylkill Trail to hang out, then rode our bikes home.

schuylkill river

We got home from dinner late, then next thing I know people are over, we are heading out to bars, people are hanging out at our apartment and it’s about 3 hours past my bedtime. I promptly crashed out.
Sunday Eric convinced me to go on a bike ride with him. We did a little over 13 miles and it was great. I am starting to get the hang of the bike and Eric is helping me a lot with shifting gears. I like riding with Eric because he pushes me a lot. His average pace is around 20mph, so I just kind of got thrown into riding fast. I am averaging around 17 right now, but hopefully soon I can keep up with him.

Early afternoon we headed over to the Art Museum area to meet up with Juli to watch the world cup. We went to a bar for the first half and drank some beer and ate some fries.

watching the world cup

watching the world cup

We got sucked into the long second half, and then got even more sucked into The Hills marathon.
Now here’s hoping this work week goes fast!


19 responses to “Photos from the Weekend

  1. Is that the V Brunch coffee cake? I tried making it too and the topping turned out too crumbly. I think it needs more oil in the topping. Mine looked very dry.

    My favorite recipes from that book are the Cinnamon Rolls and the Bagels, both have turned out wonderful every time.

    • Ha yes, it’s that one. Eric said the same thing, needed more oil, but he didn’t want to add it. I made a really good coffeecake a while back, I need to find that recipe and I can give it to you. It was delicious.

  2. That curry dish looks awesome!

  3. Welcome to WordPress! So much better, right?

    Your pizzas look dee-vine.

  4. how on earth can you drink pbr?…i don’t get it…yuk

    • Haha I can see that but I enjoy pbr as much as any micro/Belgium brew in the right circumstance.

      • that’s the part i don’t get…all the good stuff you two drink…and then…wham o…a pbr…i noticed them at the holiday get together photos also…makes me shiver

  5. Who wasn’t watching the hills marathon?! Okay seriously next time you come we are getting our
    friend rice on at titayas. I keep sayin that but seriously it’s a foodgasm. Girl with a dragon tattoo is so good!

    • Ha I know, I know. It was HILARIOUS watching it with Eric because all he did was make fun of people and would get scared everytime Heidi’s face popped up on TV.
      Ok, ok, next time! Hopefully you will come to Philly before we come to Dallas.
      Have you read Dragon Tattoo? It’s a really good book, I am obsessed with the trilogy.

  6. Sounds like a great weekend. The lazy tv-watching Saturdays are my fave. I rarely sit still, so vegging on the couch is such a treat! That’s what I did this Saturday too ā€” watched most of the second season of Weeds on DVD.

    • Yah its a nice change of pace sometimes. Oh weeds is good… Lauren got me hooked a while back. I’m excited for the new season!

  7. love this blog! your pictures are awesome! i’m sure you guys get this a lot, but can you tell me what camera you use?

    • thank you! that’s so nice. to be honest we have an old dslr, a canon rebel xti that’s about 5 years old. i do use a 50mm lens, which i love! i am hoping to purchase a new camera this year though, for the blog of course. šŸ˜‰

  8. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Does it GET any better than homemade tortillas? :]
    Mmm, the Thai dishes look oily and delicious…

  9. What a beautiful place Schuylkill Trail is! for some strange reason that picture reminded me of the 80s movie Flashdance which I so totally love.
    Tacos, pizzas and Thai food within the same weekend? You are a very, very lucky person šŸ™‚

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