A Drink (or two) for a Birthday

Last night we made some food and ventured out into the heat wave. We were heading to the The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co in Rittenhouse to meet up with Josh & Kelly for Josh’s birthday. We are usually ones to stay in weekday nights these days but you can never say no to a birthday!

As we walked down the steps and entered the dark corridor of the establishment the A/C hit us and we were ready for some drinks. Their menu has recently changed to include some more summery drinks.

The newlyweds!


The birthday boy.


I forget what was specially made for Josh but I know it included salt… it was over my cocktail tasting level and quite bitter.


Kelly was then impressed that anyone could consume Josh’s cocktail without making a grimacing face.


Lauren started off with a Hearts These Days are Cheap.



I went with a Pressure Drop which had a liquor one of the bartenders made, fresh lemon juice, muddled blueberries and mint served in a tall glass over ice. This was for sure a winning summertime drink.



I can’t remember the name of my next drink but it was more burley than summer.


Lauren went with a Dark and Stormy with fresh ginger and seltzer rather than giner ale. The difference is amazing. Dark and Stormy’s are going to start being made asap at our place because of this!


Overall it was a good night of catching up and celebrating a youralmostreallyold kind of birthday 🙂


10 responses to “A Drink (or two) for a Birthday

  1. livingonthevedge

    groovy photos! somehow the mood lighting works. excellent time.

    and welcome to wordpress! now i have no excuse but to switch over…maybe after a couple of drinks i will be drunk enough to leave blogger.

  2. Happy birthday, bitter cocktail-drinking-guy! Those drinks all sound delish, and I love the names. I think I’d want a little less ice in mine though. All that ice is taking up space where there could be more liquor!

  3. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Mmm, those drinks sound enticing!
    How’s WordPress treating you guys? I’m liking it here :]

  4. sounds tasty, and I don’t even drink really…I just want some read meat

    also, I quit smoking *gasp*

  5. Happy new home! I love the Franklin. Any place that makes a classic gin fizz gets two thumbs up in my book.

  6. sounds so delicious but how is the fresh ginger-do they grate it or squeeze it

    • from what our server said they make a simple syrup then put slivers of ginger in there.
      this is the bar i really want to take you and dad to.

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