Zucchini Napoleon

For dinner last night I wanted to finish off some of the remaining items from the CSA before the new veggies came in. Lauren was still out of town and being that she despises marinara I figured Id go that route.

I started out by slicing some zucchini into thin circles and getting them ready for the breading. I also chopped up a spring onion and got out some left over marinara from a large batch I made a while back. I think the key is to make large batches of sauces like marinara and cashew cream to make weekday night meals quick but not bland.

I lightly breaded the zucchini by first dipping the slices into a wet mixture of warm water and a flax meal. For the dry I used some whole wheat bread crumbs and added garlic powder, basil, oregano, parsley, red pepper flakes, salt, and black pepper. I wanted to bake them to use a bit less oil but its been WAY too hot here lately and the last thing I want to do is turn that bad boy on. I turned to the cast iron with a bit of oil and it did the trick. I mixed some of the cashew cream with fresh parsley for part of the filling. Ive made tofu ricotta before and I just cant get into it as much as raw cashew cheese. I stacked the zucchini with a layer of marinara, followed by a bit of cashew cream, onions and some nooch. I stacked a few more layers until the thought of eating out weighed the fun of stacking.

I will say it was delicious. I think I will make this again and with the zucchini baked and with the use of pesto as the sauce for Lauren.



6 responses to “Zucchini Napoleon

  1. Yup… That looks good. Damned good.

  2. A little bit of oil isn’t the end of the world in this heat – and those look ridiculously delicious!! The thought of a little pesto added probably will take it over the top, yum!

  3. Very impressive…looks like a good dish to serve at a dinner party or something.

  4. That looks AMAZING! The zukes I got in my CSA yesterday were too small to do this unless I sliced them length-wise. I might have to do that. I have a small mozzarella ball left. I might use that between baked layers and add my tomato sauce. Yum. Ok, time for lunch. 😉

  5. That looks insanely delish.

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