I Missed Cooking

This past week has been the start of summer hours at my office. I am looking forward to getting out a little after lunch today, but I will be the first to admit, working 9 hour days sucks. It sucks the life out of you. Add in my commute and I am gone for 11 hour each day.
I know, boo hoo.

Luckily I live with a fantastic all around guy who helps me with this blog and also cooks dinner most nights. Now I am not complaining, nothing is better than coming home to dinner, but I enjoy cooking and sometimes I miss this.

I was able to cook dinner for both of us Wednesday and Thursday nights. I didn’t make anything extraordinary or fabulous, but it felt nice to chop veggies and stir them around.
Wednesday night we had an Indian inspired dish.

wednesday dinner

In one pot I put some bulgur on and I threw some chickpeas in the iron skillet. When the chickpeas were almost finished I added some dandelion greens from this weeks CSA. I let those wilt then combined everything together. I added a little bit of coconut milk and a lot of curry and voila. It made for a nice dinner and I enjoyed the leftovers today.

Thursday night I wanted to get creative, but by the time I got home I was beat. I kept dinner simple with some roasted potatoes, red peppers and more dandelion greens.

thursday dinner

I am really enjoying the dandelion greens, I hope we get some more next week!


3 responses to “I Missed Cooking

  1. That chickpea dish looks great. I’ve been craving channa masala this week, but that looks way healthier.

  2. Looks like a delicious meal ! Especially after a long commute ! Was great meeting you guys last night !!! ~ Chris and Stephanie

  3. That bulgur-chickpea dish looks really good. And I love the char marks on the red pepper strips.

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