Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA Week 3

Been a long night so I will make this quick. The left overs from last weeks CSA were thrown together tonight for a quick veggie burger mix with a base of the button mushrooms and some garbanzo beans. They turned out pretty good and I ate one for dinner atop a heaping pile of red oak leaf lettuce from this weeks pile.

For this week we got:

1 bag snow peas – certified organic – White Swan Acres


1 bunch radishes – certified organic – Friends Road Organics


1 bunch garlic scapes – certified organic – Orchard View Organics


1 bunch green shallots – certified organic – Shady Brook Organics


1 bunch dandelion greens – certified organic – Hillside Organics


1 head endive – certified organic – Meadow Valley Organics


1 head red leaf lettuce – certified organic – Green Valley Organics


2 heads red oak leaf lettuce – certified organic – Back 40 Ranch


Sorry a bit tired tonight… beer week is taking its toll! I promise better tomorrow!


3 responses to “Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA Week 3

  1. Love the beautiful pictures…and I am a little late on this but the rhubarb crisp looks pretty delicious!! I might need to try to make this one of these days.

  2. I wish we had garlic scapes around here.

  3. Thanks Ameena! Yah the crisp was delicious. I think I’m hooked on rhubarb now.

    Bianca, if we get them again next week I’ll be more than happy to send what we get to you.

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