photos from the weekend

I honestly don’t have too many photos to show from the weekend. This past weekend was probably our last “low-key” weekend for a while, the next month or so is pretty busy!
Saturday morning was spent at the vet getting the cats their yearly check-up, then I came home to complete my last long run before the half marathon next weekend.

10 miles!

The run was going well, it started to sprinkle and was actually really nice. And then the sky opened up and it started to pour. I had to seek shelter and pray that my garmin and ipod would not get ruined, thankfully they didn’t!

I am always such a bum after a long run, so Eric and I lounged around the house, watching the flyers game.
But we had a big evening planned and eventually peeled ourselves off the couch.

We rode our bikes into center city because we had dinner reservations at Horizons. We started off with some cocktails, I can’t even remember what they were, but they were delicious!

date night at horizons

date night at horizons

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of our meals, because we were in a dark corner, but Eric ordered the Grilled Seitan, and I had the Chopped Salad with a side of Panelle. The food was delicious and we are slowly working our way through the menu.
The real star of dinner was dessert.

vegan chocolate stuff beignets

Chocolate Stuffed Beignets with a Rhubarb Float. Yes it was amazing.

We had plans later in the night, but to kill some time Eric and I headed to The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. Eric had been here before, but I had never been and was really excited. And wow, this place did not fail to meet any of my expectations. It’s an underground bar, kind of hidden. If you live in Philly and haven’t been here, you are missing out. We each got two drinks, but no photos because the place is dark and small. But they were amazing, and I am already trying to convince Eric to take me back.

After finishing up our cocktails we stopped by a birthday party, but were struggling to stay awake so we called it a night.

Sunday morning I changed up our regular pancakes for some waffles! I am still loving the waffle maker, but I really need to get a good waffle recipe down. Anyone have a good one…vegan or not, I can probably veganize it.


For the first time in a while we made it to the grocery store pretty early. Once we got back home I got to cooking.
First up was some focaccia bread.
making foccacia

I’ve always had good luck with focaccia, but something went wrong and this didn’t turn out great. I think it was something with the flour.
focaccia bread

And then I got to creating some energy bars.
mixing stuff for energy bars

I haven’t tasted one of these yet, but I brought one to work with me today. If they taste good I will post the recipe.
energy bars

Other Sunday highlights included FINISHING SEASON 4 OF DEXTER!! Oh My God. Oh My God!! I can’t wait for season 5.

And of course some cat photos. I would like to introduce you to Carl, our upstairs neighbors other cat. He is really cute, and him and Kitta Marie actually get along.

I’m gonna miss him when they move next month.

Eric and I snacked all afternoon and never got around to eating dinner.
We did crack open this beer and start to watch Inglorious Bastards. This beer was really good. It has a very bold flavor, but wasn’t hard to drink.

sunday night beer


7 responses to “photos from the weekend

  1. yum, isn’t horizons just amazing? i’ve had the grilled seitan before, definitely one of the better things, although nothing i’ve had there has dissapointed me. Their dessert is really good though, the ice creams are perfectly creamy!

  2. so, are you just an early bird like your mom or what? Noticed you posted at like 6 in the am! should give me a call, I seem to be up with Heath around then!

  3. Hey Lauren! Thanks for commenting, I love finding out about different Philly blogs.

    Elizabeth…hah yes I seem to have the early bird gene, I wake up at 5 everyday to go to the gym…
    Ha I might have to give you guys a call some morning. Can’t wait to see you next month!!

  4. Your weekend eats look fantastic, especially energy bars and chocolate beignets! And I love that the bar is called Franklin Mortgage & Investment…that’s cute!

  5. I found the recipe for blueberry waffles from vyy to be delightful. I just can’t remember if I thought it was maybe too sugary. 101cookbooks had a recipe for mutligrain (i think) waffles that could easily be veganized.

  6. Ah, Horizons! So jealous. That one of my new favorite restaurant. Those energy bars look great too. Are you from Philadelphia?

  7. Yah the Franklin is pretty legit and tucked away/easily missed if you arent looking. Its meant to be a old fashion type of speak easy.

    Agreed, Horizons is amazing. I havnt had anything from there yet I did not like. And the bbq sietan.. wow đŸ˜€

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