Raw Eats!

My goal is to start eating more raw meals. I have been putting this off until the seasons changed and the temperature was a bit warmer. I feel like raw meals are more my style when its warmer out. Anyways I went over to Gena’s blog, Choosing Raw and found an idea or two. She def has some amazing recipes.

I ended up making the “Raw Peanut Noodles” and “Ricki’s Carob-Coconut Sweeties”

For the raw peanut noodles I changed a few things. I ended up julienning carrots, onions, green/red bells peppers, cucumber, spiral cutting some zucchini, and threw in some kale that was massaged and marinated in the ginger dressing. I feel like the kale really added another dimension to the texture of the dish which I would recommend.

For the ginger dressing I ended up using about a 1/4c less oil and less sesame seed oil (since Lauren isn’t a huge fan) and since we were out of dates I went with the maple syrup. Next time I will make sure we have dates since i think this will thicken the dressing up a bit. I added a bit of salt and fresh cracked pepper and half a clove of garlic minced as well. Overall it turned out amazing, definitely worth making for a dressing/wraps/fried rice/to drink 🙂


For dessert I made Ricki’s Carob-Coconut Sweeties, which turned out excellent. Instead of using stevia, I used some raw agave and used raw almond butter as well. I put half into the fridge and the other half into the freezer. We both agreed the ones in the freezer were best.



8 responses to “Raw Eats!

  1. I always think I should try going raw just one day out of the week, but I’m really so intimidated by it (it seems to involve expensive ingredients and a lot of work). You and I must have such similar taste in food! Peanut noodles and coconuty cookie things are my favorite. They look delicious.

  2. I agree. My goal is to make more raw-ish type of meals more often rather than absolutely raw to keep from buying specialty items such as coco nibs or things to that nature. There are some a good amount that use dehydrators but also many meals that you only need a blender. And if you make big batches of dressing/dessert it makes meals later in the week much easier 🙂

  3. I have this raw cookbook and it has some possibly amazing recipes in it. I was really interested in eatin raw but I haven’t worked up the funds for a dehydrator. Anyways if you want to borrow it, I’m sure we could have some sort of cookbook swap.

  4. You go girl! This looks like an awesome start 🙂

  5. That salad is gorgeous! Last summer I tried to eat some dinners raw during the week…and hope to get back on the program this year. My favorite was raw tacos: jicama mandolined into large rounds then topped with guacamole and juliened vegetables.

  6. I love Gena’s raw peanut noodles! I’m not a fan of raw kale (yet), but I may massage some and try it in that dish next time I make it. I really want to like raw kale. I feel like I’m missing out…

  7. I’ve also been on the more-raw path. I started following Gena’s blog a few weeks ago and I think I have a girl crush on her. I’m gonna try those Sweeties.

  8. Hey Jackie, Rachel and I were going to make a solar dehydrator, which is very cheap, and we can let you know how to do it if it turns out well.

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