photos from the weekend

When the weather is nice, you always seem to do a lot more, making the weekend go a lot faster.

Eric and I started off the weekend by heading to the Piazza to watch the Flyers game!

It started to rain during the game, so we headed up to Josh and Kelly’s apartment, where they made us cocktails.
They had worked up a drink based off the Master Cleanse detox drink…except theirs contained alcohol. And was delicious.

friday night cocktails

And since Eric and I are old folks now, we headed home early to go to sleep.
Woke up Saturday morning to a beautiful day, and I set out on a 12 mile run. The run went well, I was happy to set a new personal distance, and it gave me some more confidence for the half marathon I am running in two weeks.

I was happy to come home and find Eric and Andy Carr hanging out, wanting to go grab some food.
We went to our usual brunch spot, Cantina Dos Segundos. I like going to brunch here because you rarely have to wait, and free chips and salsa!

Ladies of Philadelphia…Andy Carr is single!
brunch at cantina

Juli and I had plans to get our bangs cut, so she joined us for brunch too.
brunch at cantina

Cantina had a new special on the menu, ginger seitan tacos, with a jicama slaw. Eric ordered it and said it might be the best thing he has ever eaten there.
brunch at cantina

Just as we were getting ready to leave, we were offered a free pitcher of margaritas, and you can never pass up free drinks.
brunch at cantina

After one margarita, Juli and I had to leave because we were getting our bangs trimmed. After the mop chop we headed back to our place to hang out on the deck. Eric and I finally got a table for our deck, and I was pretty excited to put it to use.

Some brewskies were consumed.
drinking beer on the deck

And Adam, Juli’s boyfriend came over. He just bought some old school work glasses off of Ebay, and we were all pretty excited to try them on.
wearing adam's work glasses

wearing adam's work glasses

wearing adam's work glasses

wearing adam's work glasses

We couldn’t hang for long, and Juli and Adam had to leave. Adam’s pretty cool and has a motorcycle. Anyone want to take bets on how long till Eric buys a motorcycle? I don’t think it will be too long…
adam and his motorcycle

Safety first!

Juli modeled how she rides her bike with a dress…shorts are a must!

I headed over to Kelly’s because it was her bridal shower!
We played some games and ate delicious food and drank delicious drinks.
kelly's bridal shower

kelly's bridal shower

Eric and Josh had gone out for some drinks while the shower was going on, but we met back up with them later in the night.
We decided to head to Kraftwork, a new bar/restaurant on Girard.

I love, love, loved the menus. I am such a sucker for good design.

They don’t have a ton of vegan options, but we were able to order a mixed vegetable platter that was good. Fiddleheads were a special for the evening, and I was pretty excited to try them!

Sunday was spent catching up on things around the house. We have both been so busy (or sick) the past few weeks that our place was a mess, and we were seriously lacking in food.
Eric and I got to working in the yard fairly early in the morning. I really needed to get my plants planted.

I had grand plans of building raised beds, and clearing out some of our flower beds, but the time just got by me and I never accomplished any of that. We were able to clear one bed in our yard though. For the other plants we used old kitty litter containers because we are cheap care about the environment and are all about reusing things.

Kitta Marie patrolled the backyard.
kitta marie

After a few hours of yardwork we walked over to the Art Star Craft Bazaar.
art star craft bazaar

We found a lot of cool things, but left empty-handed.
art star craft bazaar

Later in the afternoon we finally went to the grocery store. We have been so busy and have only been eating quick and easy food. It was nice to take some time to actually prepare things.
Eric started off by making cashew milk!
He soaked some cashews, then blended them, then squeezed out the liquid till he got this.
homemade cashew milk

And this is what was leftover.
leftover cashew

I then whipped it up some more, and made a curry cashew cream. It wasn’t perfect, but I hope to work on the recipe some and post it up here.
curry cashew cream

I also bought ramps at the store! I had never heard of these till I moved here (along with fiddleheads). I had to grab some and try them out. I cooked them with some sweet potatoes and kale and they turned out good.

Eric also made a big batch of marinara to last him a few weeks.

We have some pretty busy weekends coming up, but I am really looking forward to them!


6 responses to “photos from the weekend

  1. Wow, nice weekend! Adam’s bike came out great. I’ll have to check out his website after work.

  2. Yea definitely check out their blog. I was going to put a link up, but I wrote this at work and wasn’t sure what I would find on there today.

  3. Nice! The photos are hilarious. Eric how was Franklin Investments Something or another?

  4. I wanna hang out with you guys! Cocktails all the time (love that Master Cleanse cocktail idea … everything is better spiked with alcohol, even cleanse drinks)! And you can never go wrong with PBR. Also, the double taco shells on those tacos are a good idea.

  5. Agreed Ben, the bike/paint looks legit.

    The Franklin was good Julie, we must go a day and grab a drink or two. We also went to the “bar” behind El Vez too but by then I was, well I had a few.

    Haha well anytime your around these ways Bianca we’ll make it happen! Yeah those ginger seitan tacos were good!

  6. I’m just going to move to PA, join you and your friends (and borrow Kelly’s dress) and not be creepy at all about it.

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