American Vegan Kitchen and Breakfast for Dinner!

So this is long over due, but I wanted to give a big thanks to Bianca and “Papa Crunk” over at Vegan Crunk! A while ago she hosted a contest to win American Vegan Kitchen by Tamasin Noyes, a vegan comfort food cook book. Anyways, it took a while for me to actually get it since our mail sometimes gets delivered to the post office if we miss it. Luckily I had the pleasure of seeing what happens weekdays at the post office. First off I found out everyone hates you, and second, everyone is busier than you. The line was barely moving so I leaned up against the wall and listened to a disgruntled man yell at the post office lady for a while. I felt pretty bad for her but she seemed use to it.


Anyways I digress. I finally got the book home and was very excited to have won. I’m actually pretty good at things like this (winning random things.) I ripped open the package and lurked through a few pages. Unfortunately the next few days were very busy and we weren’t able to do much cooking. Fast forward until last night.

As usual I came home to a giant box in our entryway 🙂 Lauren does like online shopping a bit…to say the least. This package contained a food scale and a waffle maker that shes been wanting for a while. She also came home with some Crystal’s hot sauce from a trip earlier in the day. Obviously breakfast for dinner was in order.


I took a gander through our newly acquired American Vegan Kitchen and found, what I thought was quick waffle recipe. I didn’t read all the way through (this is my specialty) and later realized it was suppose to proof for a while. We didn’t let this happen, but they turned out pretty good none the less. I made some quick tates to accompany them with onion, bell pepper, and jalapenos.





Thanks again to Bianca and “Papa Crunk” over at Vegan Crunk for the book and endless recipes/pictures/blog posts to keep me occupied at work. I’m a big fan! Now its time to get cooking!


4 responses to “American Vegan Kitchen and Breakfast for Dinner!

  1. well no one else was going to buy me a waffle maker so i had to buy it for myself!

  2. allison woodford

    I have a favor to ask – our tenants in our garage apartment are vegan and I would love to bake them a sweet treat, any suggested recipes?
    love you!

  3. I will get a few recipes together and email them to you.
    Is that ok?

  4. of course! hope you guys have a great weekend!

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